Sharon Stone’s reveals her ‘Outfits were Ruined’ on Naomi Campbell’s Show

Sharon Stone appeared on Naomi Campbell’s show, No Filter with Naomi on 16th April 2020. On the show, while conversing with the supermodel, the actress revealed that she has written a book titled ‘The Beauty of Living Twice’ which is going to be launched in late 2020 or early 2021. 

She said, “I’ve written a book, it’s out of the end of the year or the beginning of next year”.

She did not go into details but looking at the title of the book we can assume that the book must be based on her near-death experience in 2001 when she was diagnosed with ‘subarachnoid hemorrhage’. 

The book may also cover other landmark incidents in her life like her role in Basic Instinct which boosted her career, her role in Casino which grabbed her Academy Award nominations, and her relationships Phil Bronstein, Dwight Yoakam, and John Kennedy Jr

The book may also include her work as an activist in the Middle East and for HIV/AIDS sufferers.  

On the show, the Basic Instinct actress also talked about why she wore a GAP T-shirt to the Oscars in 1996. She shared that she had two outfits for the event and both of them were ruined a day before the awards for which she was nominated in Best Actress category for her role in the film Casino

The activist shared, “‘I finally made it to this big moment in my career, and the guy ruined my dress. There’s a big tyre track down my dress”, referring to the FedEx delivery guy who ran his truck over her dress. 

She revealed that she was freaked out and called Ellen Mirojnick who was the costume designer for Basic Instinct to her rescue. Ellen asked her to take out her favorite clothes from her closet and she just got everything blackout.

Sharon Stone went on to share, “She eventually started putting things together, so we ended up putting together this Gap shirt and a ready to wear Valentino skirt, then I had this Armani tuxedo dress that I wore as a jacket, and I picked a Gardenia out of the garden and that was it”.

And that was the story of a Gap T-short gracing the red carpet. 

Watch the entire conversation


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