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$22 Million

What Is Rick Nielsen’s Net Worth?

Rick Nielsen is an American musician and songwriter who has a net worth of $22 million. Rick Nielsen is best known for being the lead guitarist, background vocalist, and primary songwriter of the rock band Cheap Trick. He is also noted for designing his own guitars and for the use of multi-neck guitars. With Cheap Trick, Nielsen has released 20 studio albums, including the Platinum albums “In Color” (1977), “Heaven Tonight” (1978), “Dream Police” (1979), and “Lap of Luxury” (1988) and the Gold albums “All Shook Up” (1980) and “One on One” (1982). Cheap Trick is known for singles such as “I Want You to Want Me,” “Dream Police,” “If You Want My Love,” “The Flame,” and “Can’t Stop Fallin’ into Love.” Rick composed the song “Baby Mumbles” for the Comedy Central series “The Colbert Report,” and it served as the show’s theme song during its entire 11-season run. Cheap Trick has sold over 20 million albums, and in 2016, they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Nielsen has also appeared in the film “Disorderlies” (1987) and the television series “Boy Meets World” (1994), “The Drew Carey Show” (1998), and “TV Funhouse” (2001), and he was featured in the 2013 documentary “Sound City.”

Rick Nielsen was born Richard Alan Nielsen on December 22, 1948, in Elmhurst, Illinois. Rick’s parents were opera singers, and his father, Ralph, directed choirs and symphonies and recorded more than three dozen solo albums. When Nielsen was a teenager, his parents opened a music store in Rockford, and Rick learned to play several instruments. He played drums for six years, then he decided to learn how to play keyboards and guitar.┬áHis first band, The Phaetons, later turned into The Grim Reapers, then Fuse, and they disbanded in 1970 after releasing one album.


Richard Alan Nielsen, born on December 22, 1948, is an esteemed American musician recognized as the lead guitarist, primary songwriter, and the driving force behind the rock band Cheap Trick. Notable for his vast collection of custom-made guitars from Hamer Guitars, Nielsen’s signature is his famous five-neck guitar.

Musical Heritage and Early Career
Nielsen was born into a musically inclined family, with his parents both being opera singers. His father, Ralph Nielsen, further contributed to the musical world by directing symphonies and choirs and recording over forty solo albums. Growing up in Rockford, Illinois, where his family owned a music store, Nielsen learned to play various instruments, initially focusing on drums before transitioning to guitar and keyboards.

His musical journey began with bands such as The Phaetons and The Grim Reapers, which evolved into Fuse. Although Fuse released a studio album, it disbanded in 1970. Nielsen had a brief stint with Nazz, replacing Todd Rundgren, and then formed Sick Man of Europe in Philadelphia in 1972. By 1973, Cheap Trick was formed with Bun E. Carlos, and later, Tom Petersson and Robin Zander joined the group.

Success with Cheap Trick
Nielsen’s career has been marked by numerous highlights with Cheap Trick, including the chart-topping single “The Flame” and contributing to John Lennon’s “Double Fantasy” album. Nielsen’s songwriting was instrumental in Cheap Trick’s early albums.

Iconic Stage Appearance
Nielsen’s unique on-stage appearance, inspired by Huntz Hall of The Bowery Boys, is characterized by his flipped-up old-style ball cap and bowties, contributing to his recognizable persona both on and off the stage.

Television, Movie, and Radio Appearances
Throughout his career, Nielsen has made countless television appearances and radio broadcasts, including on late-night shows with Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno, and David Letterman. Outside of Cheap Trick, he appeared as a hijacked car driver in the movie “Disorderlies” and featured in the documentary “The Big One” by Michael Moore.

Collaborations and Artistic Endeavors
Nielsen has collaborated with a wide array of artists, lending his talents to albums by Glen Campbell, John Lennon, Hall & Oates, and more. He has also contributed to the local community in Rockford and is a co-owner of Chicago’s Piece brewery and gourmet pizzeria.

Personal Life
Outside of his musical ventures, Nielsen involves himself in the community and has displayed his guitar collection in exhibitions. He is also co-owner of ROCK’N Vodka and has shown support for various local charitable causes.

Guitar Collection and Equipment
As a guitar aficionado, Nielsen’s collection includes approximately two thousand guitars, featuring brands such as Fender, Gibson, and Gretsch. His equipment also includes a range of amplifiers and effects units, showcasing his investment in his musical craft.

Richard Alan Nielsen’s career and contributions to the world of rock music solidify his status as an influential figure, marked by his creative artistry and community involvement.




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