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$75 Million

What is Carter Beauford’s net worth?

Carter Beauford is an American musician, drummer, and percussionist who has a net worth of $75 million. Carter Beauford earned his net worth primarily as a founding method of the Dave Matthews Band. He plays the drums and sings backing vocals in the band.

Carter Anthony Beauford was born on November 2, 1957, in Charlottesville, Virginia. When Beauford was three years old, his dad had tickets to a Buddy Rich concert. Unable to find a babysitter for his son, he took Carter with him. Beauford was mesmerized by the drums. Not long after that night, Carter’s dad bought his son a tin drum set with paper heads. By the time he was nine years old, Beauford was performing professionally. He’s known for his ambidextrous playing, which he learned by practicing in front of a mirror. He grew up next door to the late LeRoi Moore, the saxophonist for the Dave Matthews Band. He and LeRoi were childhood friends.


Carter Anthony Beauford, born on November 2, 1958, is an American drummer, percussionist, and a founding member of the iconic Dave Matthews Band. He is celebrated for his remarkable ability to seamlessly adapt to a wide variety of musical genres, showcasing both his ambidextrous and open-handed drumming styles. In addition to his drumming prowess, Beauford contributes as a vocalist in the band. His immense talent has earned him widespread recognition, including a prestigious ranking as the 10th greatest drummer of all time in a Rolling Stone magazine reader’s poll in 2010.[1]

A Drumming Prodigy’s Genesis

Carter Beauford’s journey into the realm of percussion commenced at a remarkably tender age—three, to be precise. The catalyst for his lifelong passion for drumming was an unexpected turn of events involving his father and a Buddy Rich concert.

It all unfolded when Beauford’s father purchased tickets to attend a Buddy Rich concert. However, he faced a dilemma—there was no one available to look after his young son. In a decision that would profoundly influence Carter’s life, his father decided to take the three-year-old to the concert. Little did he know that this impromptu outing would ignite a lifelong fascination with drumming in his young son.

The instant Carter Beauford witnessed Buddy Rich’s virtuosic performance on stage, he was utterly captivated. This pivotal moment, illuminated by the spotlight on Buddy Rich, became etched in young Carter’s memory, setting the course for his musical journey. Recognizing the budding interest and passion in his son, Beauford’s father decided to nurture this newfound love for drums. In the aftermath of the unforgettable concert, he presented Carter with a tin drum set equipped with paper heads—an emblematic gesture marking the inception of a musical odyssey.

The Early Beat

Carter Beauford’s progression into the realm of professional drumming was nothing short of meteoric. By the age of nine, his prodigious talent had already begun to blossom, propelling him into the world of performance and musicianship.[2]

Unveiling an Unconventional Style

Carter Beauford’s drumming style stands as a testament to his musical identity. In his instructional video, “Under The Table & Drumming,” he elucidates the origins of his unconventional approach to the drum kit. He attributes his unique left-hand-lead technique on a right-handed kit to a distinct childhood experience that inadvertently shaped his playing style.

As a child, Beauford would set up his drum kit in front of a mirror, fervently striving to emulate the drumming heroes who inspired him, including the likes of Buddy Rich. However, in a twist of fate, he unintentionally arranged his drum set in reverse of his intended configuration. This seemingly accidental reversal stemmed from his subconscious desire to align his mirrored image with the audience’s perspective—a perspective he had observed during live performances and on television.

Remarkably, this unintentional setup proved to be a serendipitous stroke of fate, leading to Carter Beauford’s development as an ambidextrous drummer from a remarkably tender age. This unconventional playing style eventually evolved into his distinctive signature sound, setting him apart as a truly exceptional drummer.

Secrets: The Crucible of Collaboration

Carter Beauford’s musical journey took an intriguing turn when he became a member of Secrets, a jazz fusion band based in Richmond, Virginia. Yet, Secrets was not just any band; it was a collective of supremely talented musicians who brought their distinct musical influences to the ensemble. Beauford’s association with Secrets marked a pivotal chapter in his career, foreshadowing the collaborations that would define his future as a musician, particularly with the Dave Matthews Band.

The Ensemble of Secrets

Let’s delve into the ensemble of Secrets, where Carter Beauford honed his craft and discovered the musical synergy that would later catapult him to stardom:

LeRoi Moore: LeRoi Moore, a childhood friend and neighbor of Dave Matthews, graced the band with his saxophonist talents, infusing Secrets’ music with depth and soulful melodies.

John D’earth: Armed with his trumpet, John D’earth brought a touch of brass brilliance to Secrets’ compositions, infusing their music with a unique and vibrant energy.

Dawn Thompson: Serving as the band’s vocalist, Dawn Thompson contributed her melodious voice, adding an enchanting quality to Secrets’ fusion of jazz and rock. Her emotive performances resonated deeply with audiences.

Keith Horne: Keith Horne held the low end with his bass lines, grounding the band’s music with rhythmic solidity and providing the foundation for their grooves.

Butch Taylor and Dane Bryant: Secrets boasted not one but two keyboard virtuosos in Butch Taylor and Dane Bryant. Their intricate layers of melody and texture enriched the band’s compositions, imbuing them with depth and complexity.

Eddie Williams: Eddie Williams, another saxophonist in the lineup, joined forces with LeRoi Moore to form a dynamic horn section. Their collaboration contributed to the band’s distinctive sound, punctuating their music with captivating horn arrangements.

Tim Reynolds: The virtuoso guitarist Tim Reynolds lent his exceptional guitar skills to Secrets, elevating the band’s fusion of genres with his remarkable fretwork.

The Secrets Experience

Secrets wasn’t merely a band; it was a sonic voyage through the diverse landscapes of jazz fusion. Together, these musicians crafted a sound that was both exploratory and inviting, drawing in audiences across the state of Virginia. They graced stages at renowned venues such as The Jewish Mother in Virginia Beach and Miller’s, a bar in Charlottesville where Dave Matthews himself had once worked as a bartender.

Blue Indigo: A Jazz Affair

In addition to his role in Secrets, Carter Beauford embarked on another musical adventure—Blue Indigo. This project featured the likes of LeRoi Moore, Sal Soghoian, and George Melvin, and it was a testament to Beauford’s versatility as a jazz musician. Blue Indigo’s music was a fusion of jazz styles that resonated with local and visiting audiences alike.

Regular performances at Tokyo Rose and Miller’s solidified Blue Indigo’s reputation as a formidable presence in the local jazz scene. Their artistry eventually earned them a coveted spot at the prestigious Delaware Water Gap Jazz Festival. During this phase, Carter Beauford’s percussive finesse continued to evolve, laying the foundation for the intricate rhythmic tapestries that would come to define the signature sound of the Dave Matthews Band.

The Fateful Encounter with Dave Matthews

Destiny had a unique plan for Carter Beauford, Dave Matthews, and LeRoi Moore. Their paths converged in a manner that would forever alter the trajectory of contemporary music. Dave Matthews had been diligently crafting original compositions, and he envisioned a musical journey that demanded the talents of specific musicians. The individuals he sought were right before him.

Dave Matthews approached both Carter Beauford and LeRoi Moore with his aspirations and dreams for his music. He shared his compositions, his vision, and his unwavering passion for his craft. Both Beauford and Moore couldn’t help but be drawn into the enchanting realm of possibilities presented by this collaboration. Carter Beauford, in particular, agreed to contribute his drumming skills to a demo recording—an agreement that solidified his role within the group that was destined to become the Dave Matthews Band.

Collaboration Beyond Boundaries

Carter Beauford’s musical journey extended far beyond his role as the drummer for the Dave Matthews Band. He was not merely a percussionist; he was a collaborative force who thrived in a rich tapestry of musical landscapes. Let’s explore some of the notable artists and projects that Carter Beauford lent his remarkable talents to:

Vertical Horizon: Vertical Horizon, renowned for their hit single “Everything You Want,” found a kindred spirit in Carter Beauford. His drumming skills injected depth and dynamism into their music, elevating their sound to new heights during live performances and studio recordings.

Carlos Santana: The legendary guitarist Carlos Santana, celebrated for his fusion of rock, Latin, and blues influences, embarked on a musical journey with Carter Beauford. Their collaborative efforts underscored the universal language of music, transcending genres and boundaries.

Rashawn Ross: Carter Beauford’s musical voyage extended to his work with Rashawn Ross, a renowned trumpet player known for his contributions to the Dave Matthews Band. Their collaboration showcased the seamless harmony between rhythm and brass, creating unforgettable musical moments.

John Popper (Blues Traveler): John Popper, the virtuoso harmonica player and frontman of Blues Traveler, joined forces with Carter Beauford in a musical partnership that celebrated improvisation and artistic spontaneity. Their performances radiated the sheer joy of live music and the magic of spontaneous jams.

Tim Reynolds: Tim Reynolds, the virtuoso guitarist from Secrets, continued to collaborate with Carter Beauford beyond their shared tenure in the band. Their musical chemistry was undeniable, and they embarked on numerous musical adventures together.

Béla Fleck and Victor Wooten: Carter Beauford’s exploratory spirit led him to collaborate with Béla Fleck and Victor Wooten, both masters of their respective instruments. This union of talent showcased the boundless possibilities of music, blending elements of jazz, bluegrass, and fusion.

Béla Fleck and the Flecktones: Carter Beauford’s collaborations extended to Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, an innovative ensemble known for their pioneering approach to music. His contributions as a drummer added a unique rhythmic dimension to their sonic tapestry.


Carter Beauford’s musical journey is a testament to his exceptional talent, versatility, and unyielding passion for drumming. From his initial exposure to drums at the tender age of three to his formative years with Secrets and his pivotal role in shaping the Dave Matthews Band’s sound, Beauford’s influence on the world of music is immeasurable. His remarkable ability to effortlessly traverse diverse genres and his distinctive drumming style have earned him a well-deserved place among the greatest drummers of all time.

As a collaborator, Carter Beauford’s willingness to explore new musical horizons and collaborate with a wide range of artists is a testament to his dedication to the art of music. Whether enhancing the richness of rock, jazz, or fusion, his contributions have left an indelible mark on the global music landscape.

Carter Beauford’s drumming continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide, and his legacy as a drummer and musician is destined to endure for generations to come.




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