Revealed: Ariel Winter confirms dating Luke Benward on Instagram Post

Modern Family star Ariel Winter is dating Luke Benward. A source told Us Weekly in January 2020 that Ariel is really happy with Luke and thinks he is a great match for her. She loves his energy and charisma and feels very comfortable around him. 

The source also told that Ariel is trying to keep her relationship with Luke somewhat private and isn’t telling a ton of people that they are dating, but they definitely are. 

Ariel Winter was dating Levi Meaden

Although the couple has been friends for 4 years, they were paired together romantically since December 2019 after they were spotted together multiple times by the paparazzi. Going by this timeline, Ariel Winter ventured into a new relationship around 2 months after she and Levi Meaden called it quits after 3 years of dating in October. 

After beaking up with Levi Meaden, Ariel winter was dint show any signs of a broken heart

As per the sources

“She’s spending a lot of time with her girlfriends and in a great place. She’ll always care about Levi and appreciate what they had, but there are no signs of a broken heart on her end”

Luke Benward shared an adorable picture of him and Ariel Winter on her 22nd birthday on 28th January 2020 with the caption, ‘Happy Birthday Bunny!!!!!!’. Ariel Winter reposted this on her account as well, hinting that she and Luke are serious about each other. 

Ariel Winter Confessing Her Love

Another picture in which the couple is cuddled up was shared by Luke with the caption, ‘You’re a dream’. It seems like the couple has decided to make their relationship completely public. 

Ariel recently posted a story for the #FirstPhotoChallenge. The challenge is that a pair has to post the first-ever picture of them together after they became a couple. Ariel Winter took part in this challenge after being nominated by Gracie Benward who is the sister of her boyfriend, Luke Benward. 

Ariel Winter with Luke Benward

She posted a picture of her and Luke together which was sneakily taken by the actress and model, Paris Berelc. In the picture, Ariel Winter is looking up lovingly at her smiling boyfriend Luke Benward dressed in black with her hair up. 

She captioned the picture, 

‘Even though we’ve been friends for four years, this is the first photo I could find of just us two aside from a paparazzi photo sooooo this will have to do for this challenge’.

Ariel Winter on Modern Family Ending:

” I am definitely ready to do something new and I am really excited about what that is”

She continued saying:

“I am so grateful for what’s given me that opportunity and that is the show and I’m also grateful for working with such lovely people.”


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