Don Lemon Net Worth and Salary

don lemon net worth
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Thanks to reporters like Don Lemon to show us the real picture of the world and keep us updated with ongoing noteworthy events. Don is a 52-year-old anchor known for hosting CNN Tonight for 6 years now. Though this American journalist has worked in many different roles until becoming a CNN profile and earning millions. 

Don Lemon’s Net Worth

As of 2021, according to Celebrity NetWorth, Don Lemon is estimated to have a net worth of $12 million.

Don Lemon’s Salary from CNN

Don Lemon’s salary working under CNN is calculated to be around $4million per annum. Every day we switch to CNN and witness Don giving on-spot commentary and discuss daily news. As he continues to do so his bank account grows each minute we see him on TV. He has earned quite heftily through his career as a journalist.

Don Lemon’s Early Life

Lemon was born on 1st March 1966 and belongs to the streets of Louisiana. he was a studious student in high school and performed better than his peers. Though according to don’s statements when he was five he was molested by a teenage boy. He kept this secret with himself for 30 years. Don has a major in journalism from Brooklyn College. Before becoming a notable CNN anchor don faced many challenges and speed breakers in his journey. Initially, after graduating he started working at different news stations. Later he has also spent time working with renowned news channels like NBC and MSNBC in the past. His notable remarks and blunt, raw news updates made him earn three Emmy awards and becoming one of the most influential African Americans in the world and one of the most influential LGBTQ people in broadcasting.

Bold Statements Against Trump, Again!

Recently on Wednesday night, Don went unfiltered and shared his views on the ongoing 2020 presidential elections and Trump’s refusal to accept and voting fraud claims. He said bluntly on the CNN show while conversing with William Cohen, former Secretary of Defense and Republican Senator.“The president, state-run media, conservative media echo chambers. They are playing you for suckers because it is not the truth. Wake up, people!“He sounded confident while making a bold statement against trump. Though, his is not the first time Don has spotted speaking against the former president. Lemon went on to insist “no one is looking down at you,” telling his audience that “people are trying to help you.““You’ve got to reach out, but you have to believe in facts and reality. There’s no way to do it if you don’t,” he said.


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