Alex Berenson Net Worth

alex berenson net worth
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Alex Berenson, born on January 6, 1973, is an erstwhile reporter for The New York Times and author. His book “Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence” triggered controversy and received denouncement from many in medical and scientific communities. In 2007 he received Edgar Award for the best first novel, ‘The Faithful Spy’.

The COVID-19 virus has taken the lives of many people around the globe, but Berenson says that the coronavirus was not as serious as specialists said. During the ongoing pandemic, he has amassed attention from conservative media for making a claim. He verbally argued that the media was overwhelming the risk of virus, that it pretended little risk to young Americans. His claims were rejected by many health experts.

In May 2020, Fox News notified that Berenson would host the “COVID Contrarian” tv-show on Fox Nation’s online streaming platform. By July 2020, it seems that Fox News removed the announcement of his show from their website.

Alex Berenson’s Net Worth

As of 2020, he is expected to have a net worth somewhere in the range of $1 Million – $5 Million. He primarily earns from his author profession.

Alex explains why masks and lockdown do not stop the spread of the virus

Alex Berenson recently appeared on KUSI’s Paul Rudy’s Good Morning San Diego and explain why he believes that “either masks or lockdowns doesn’t do very much to stop the spread of virus once it enters in to the community”.

Comparing to other states like Florida who does not have state-wide restrictions, Berenson told San Diegans, “you’ve masked up for six months, what difference has it made? It made no difference.” 

San Diego supervisor tweeted a warning last week saying, “ICU beds could be filled by next week, county told, as record number of deaths recorded.”

Berenson said, “hospitals aren’t in the business of running ICUs at half capacity, they’re very, very expensive and they have very, very skilled people working in those places, and they need to be working. The hospitals need to be running at 80%-90% in general. So, could you get to 100%? Sure. Does that mean that the system is near collapse? It absolutely does not.”

Alex’s Formative years

He was born in New York and was raised up in Englewood, NJ. After completing his graduation from Yale University in 1994 he joined the Denver Post as a business reporter and published 513 articles through August 1996. Berenson joined the New York times in December 1999 as a business investigative reporter. He released his first Novel “The Faithful Spy” in April 2006 which won the Edgar Award and was ranked #1 on The New York Times Bestseller List for paperbacks. Following it he has written 12 John Wells novels and two non-fiction books. In 2020 he left ‘Times’ to acquire a full-time novelist profession. Alex currently lives in Hudson Valley with his wife Dr. Jacqueline Berenson who is a forensic psychiatrist, and their children.


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