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abby phillip net worth
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All thanks to the recent US Presidential elections we watched more news than Netflix. A big shout out to every journalist and reporter who contributed their best in covering the latest updates and delivering them to us in the most precise form. One such noteworthy reporter is Abby Phillip. She is an American digital journalist who works as a CNN White House Correspondent based in Washington, D.C. she is known for covering Trump’s administration since 2017.

Abby Phillip Net Worth

According to sources, her net worth is estimated to be approximately $1 million. But a definitive number is not confirmed as her assets are still under review. Abby has proved to be a proud asset for CNN. In just a short span she has earned a huge fortune but lives a modest life alongside her husband.

Abby Phillip Salary

However, Abby earns a salary between $87,085 to $187,168 annually. There is no official disclosure by the CNN correspondent yet but we are closely looking at the digits and keeping an eye on it to keep you updated. 

Intellect That is Unmatched

Abby came in one highlight while reporting the recent 2020 presidential election and was applauded for her on-stop commentary and top-notch coverage. The 31-year-old CNN political correspondent was personally complimented by the CNN political director David Chalian. He said while conversing with The New York Times: 

 “Abby has an intellect that is unmatched and she has a pretty unique ability to synthesize information quickly both in her reporting and her analysis, and deliver it in a way that meets the viewers where they are.

Compliments are meant to be given and Abby deserves all of them. With just 3 years of experience under Trump covering the elections, this flawlessly is harmonizing. While talking to she confides

Oh, my God! I don’t know. It was sort of a miracle. My biggest fear going into this whole process was being tired. It was the one thing that I was the most terrified about because when you’re tired, you can make mistakes.

White House Correspondent.

Abby was born on November 25, 1988, in Bowie, Maryland. She completed her schooling at Bowie she graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts in government in 2010. 

Before coming under the umbrella of CNN she worked at The Washington Post as a national political reporter and joining the general assignments’ team. In 2016 she was appreciated for her work and was promoted to a political reporter also becoming the network’s correspondent following the Presidential Campaign. She Covered Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign where she gained first-hand knowledge of elections.

Finally, in October 2017 she joined hands with CNN and started working as a white house correspondent. 

Is Abby married?

Abby shares a lovely marriage with her husband Marcus Richardson, a Visium managing consultant they got married on 26th May 2018. 

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