Renault plans to bring electric cars by 2022


  • Renault to launch EVs in India in 2022
  • The company states that India doesn’t have the correct ecosystem right now

Venkatram Mamillapalle, Country CEO and MD, Renault India Operations

French motor vehicle major Renault on Wed mentioned it might bring electrical vehicle (EV) in India by 2022 however needed the govt to sharply develop system “before any forced” launches in the country.
Stating that India was still not equipped with the ecosytstem for EVs, Renault India Operations Country chief executive office and MD Venkatram Mamillapalle same launching EVs currently and “having the cars in the garages makes no sense”.
Kwid’s electric version is currently running in China. It will be introduced in India, said Venkatram Mamillapalle.
“We don’t have a choice but to launch electric cars in the country as the government is giving a strong push to electric vehicles. An investment of around €500 million will be required to develop an EV car,” he said.
Electric vehicle is needed in India however how briskly it’ll be adopted is that the question because the system remains being developed, he said. “Launching AN heat unit is simple however making AN system is that the vital issue that has to be managed not simply by makers of cars however conjointly by native and Central governments,” he added.
If accidents happen in EVs, are the policemen, fire persons trained. “You cannot put water. It is lithium battery. If somebody is getting jammed, one cannot cut the car as you wish to get passenger out,” he said.
He additional aforementioned, “Giving wrong promises that we will launch EV tomorrow and having the cars in the garages makes no sense”.
Stressing on the need for infrastructure to support adoption of EVs, Mamillapalle said, “I am expecting that the government will work on the ecosystem and I am sure they are working on that. We need to see very aggressively the ecosystem getting developed before any forced EV launches in India”.
At the instant, he said, “You can’t travel from Mumbai to Delhi for sure on an EV and the day we have an ecosystem which can support such a travel that’s the time EV in India is ready”.
There has been tons of dialogue on way forward for electrical quality in India with government company Niti Aayog pushing for it.
Currently, Tata Motors offers its Tigor EV, while Mahindra & Mahindra has Verito electric sedan in the mass segment in India.
Recently, South Korean motor vehicle major Hyundai has introduced its totally electrical SUV Kona, while MG Motors is also lining up five-seater pure electric SUV EZS to launch later this year.
German luxury automobile maker Audi had undraped its e-tron heat unit SUV in India with plans to launch by the half-moon of 2019, whereas BMW is additionally learning the practicability of launching its i3 electric car in India.

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