Razer’s new Stealth is a gamer’s dream with thin frame

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Highlights of the Laptop:

  • Amazing graphics
  • Releases with Intel’s Ice Lake processors
  • Strong built
  • Beautiful design

Razer has refreshed its Blade Stealth laptops for 2019. There are three new variants, and each of them ships with an Intel Core i7-1065G7, one of Intel’s Ice Lake 10th Gen processors that features Iris Plus graphics.

Two of these new models have 15W TDP processors, which would worry me, if not for the fact that they are also equipped with the Nvidia GTX 1650 discrete GPU by default. This year’s Blade Stealth is especially focused on playing intensive games at fluid frame rates. According to Nvidia, that card can run Apex Legends at max settings, and during my time with this machine, with all of the graphical settings turned up to ultra.

Another model with Razer’s new “Mercury White” color possibility uses a 25W TDP processor with integrated graphics in the function of the separate Nvidia GPU. This is Razer’s Ultrabook entry for 2019, and the one that you’ll want if you’re looking for the lightest, most power-efficient laptop it’s bringing to market this year. Intel says that Iris Plus graphics will allow you to play combat games at 1080p, and it will probably offer far better gaming performance than previous versions of the Blade Stealth. However, my colleague Sean Hollister wrote during a handy tenth information Ice Lake explainer that super-smooth frame rates could be out of the question, even with games that aren’t notorious for being resource-hungry.

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There are several other nice add-ons found across the whole of this new line of the gaming laptop. All of them feature 16GB of quick LPDDR4 three,733MHz dual-channel RAM, a big improvement compared to the previous version’s LPDDR3 2,133MHz RAM. All models also include PCIe M.2 SSDs by default, too. In my testing of various transportable USB-C SSDs, I found that the performance of Thunderbolt three within the previous base model was bottle-necked by the SATA M.2 drive, so this is a swell upgrade, too.

All of the best stuff is still here, too, like a trackpad with Windows Precision drivers, a backlit-keyboard, a 13.3-inch display, a Thunderbolt 3 port, and nice product quality.

Razer isn’t sharing the prices just yet for the new Blade Stealth lineup, but we’ll update this post once it’s public.

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