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They say that when you really fall in love, it completely consumes you. Not only does it instil in people a drive to be a better person, but also helps one realize all that is wrong and work on it for their partner’s happiness.

Machine Gun Kelly was known to be one of the bad boys of the music industry. The 30-year-old rapper/songwriter from Cleveland is known for living a fast life and having self-destructive tendencies. But ever since MGK opened up about his relationship with actress Megan Fox, there seems to be a positive change in the notorious rapper.

Ever since MGK and Megan Fox first started dating back in March, the couple has been very vocal about their feelings for each other. And so, post a COVID heavy year, the two finally made their red carpet debut as a couple at the American Music Awards on Sunday. In fact, ahead of MGK’s performance at the AMAs, Megan took to stage to introduce his boyfriend, she said,

“Once in a lifetime, magic can happen. For this next performer, we’ve all been under his spell since his debut in 2012.”

Machine Gun Kelly Net Worth is around $10 Million

As of 2020, according to, Machine Gun Kelly currently has a net worth of $10 Million.

MGK is still fairly new to word of rap and music. After all he made his debut just eight years ago. But during that time MGK has earned quite a reputation for himself, both as a musician and a troublesome artist.

Popularly known MGK recently released his new album “Tickets to my Downfall”. Post the album’s popularity and earnings from MGK’s acting gigs in movies, his net worth is expected to increase in the months to come.

Source: Instagram

It’s the season of love for MGK and Megan

After the couple arrived at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles arm-in-arm, MGK and Megan’s relationship is now red carpet official.

But the two have been head over heels for each other for quite some time now. The two sparked a romance back in March, when they met for the first time working as costars in “Midnight in the Switchgrass”.

Since then the couple has time and again shared their adoration for one another through their social media handles. It is quite evident that MGK and Megan are intensely in love. MGK has called his romance with Megan Fox “the biggest rise of [his] fucking life.

The couple was recently interviewed by Nylon for MGK’s cover story where they openly confessed about how intensely the two have fallen for each other. Megan explained that she doesn’t try to control him, but MGK himself is so dedicated into making this work out. She said,

“Theres never an attempt to control him on my end. Its more that he looks to me to avoid his own self-destructive tendencies. And thats where I’m useful, because on his own and left to his own devices, I dont know how much interest he has in caring for himself.”

Machine Gun Kelly also didn’t hold back on his words, he said,

“Finding someone that can take you out of the fast lane and make sure that you’re safe, because at any minute you can crash — I love that it can evolve into that.”


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