Safiya Nygaard Net Worth, Salary, Earnings, Income

$3 Million

What is Safiya Nygaard’s Net Worth?

Safiya Nygaard is an American social media personality who has a net worth of $3 million. She is best known for her popularity on YouTube.

Safiya Nygaard was born in Santa Clara, California in July 1992. She is a fashion and beauty vlogger who has more than eight million subscribers and one billion views on YouTube. Nygaard also has more than two million followers on Instagram. She worked for Buzzfeed as a production intern. She has made several videos about her wedding to the CEO and founder of Nextbeat Tyler Williams. Safiya Nygaard reached one million subscribers in 2017 and has three million by the end of that year. In 2018 she reached six million YouTube subscribers, and in 2019 she reached eight million. That same year she reached one billion views.


Safiya Nygaard was born to a Danish father, Niels Nygaard, a university math professor, and an Indian mother, Mumtaz, in Santa Clara, California. She has a younger brother named Adil. Raised in Chicago, she attended Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, and after graduating in 2010, she pursued further studies at Stanford University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama and English.

Career Beginnings and YouTube Fame
Nygaard’s career began when she joined BuzzFeed in April 2015, working on the LadyLike series. She left BuzzFeed in January 2017, a decision she explained in a video that gained over 14.9 million views. She is famous for her “Bad Beauty Science” YouTube series, where she mixes beauty products to create “Franken” items. Her work spans beauty and fashion, where she has been known for trying out bizarre clothing items and exploring historical fashion, including a collaboration with Colonial Williamsburg.

Collaborations and Business Ventures
In the business realm, Nygaard launched a lipstick collection with ColourPop in October 2019 and later signed with the management company Night in 2022.

Personal Life
On the personal front, Nygaard is married to YouTube collaborator Tyler Williams, with their wedding featuring prominent YouTubers like Jenna Mourey and Shane Dawson. The couple’s pet cat Crusty was a beloved part of her channel until his passing in late 2021, leading to a tribute video by Nygaard. They later adopted another cat named Cosmo.

Real Estate and Relocation
Nygaard and Williams have also been active in real estate, selling their Los Angeles house for a $200k profit and relocating to Raleigh, North Carolina, via a temporary stay in Philadelphia.

Television and Recognition
Nygaard’s television appearance includes a main role in “Escape the Night” as The Investigative Reporter in 2018. Her creative work has earned her Streamy Awards nominations for Beauty in 2018 and Creator of the Year in both 2018 and 2019.




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