MontanaBlack Net Worth is $12 Million

What Is MontanaBlack’s Net Worth?

MontanaBlack is a $12 million net worth Turkish-German gaming and reaction Twitch streamer and YouTube personality. MontanaBlack88 has 500,000 Twitch followers. On YouTube, he has 2.95 million subscribers and over 332 million views on his “MontanaBlack” channel, and 2.75 million subscribers and over 900 million views on his “SpontanaBlack” channel. He appeared in the 2020 music video “Knossi: Alge,” and he has two books out: “MontanaBlack: Vom Junkie zum YouTuber” (2019) and “MontanaBlack II: Vom YouTuber zum Millionär” (2021).

MontanaBlack88 was born on March 2, 1988, in Buxtehude, Lower Saxony, Germany, as Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris. He was born in Turkey to a Turkish mother and a German father, and he holds dual citizenship in Turkey and Germany. MontanaBlack88 moved in with his grandparents, who also lived in Buxtehude, after his parents divorced.

MontanaBlack Bio

Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris, better known by his online alias MontanaBlack, was born on March 2, 1988, in Buxtehude, Germany. He is a German entertainer, streamer, and YouTuber, known for his gaming content and vlogs.

MontanaBlack Career

YouTube and Streaming: MontanaBlack has built a substantial following on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. He produces content related to gaming, personal vlogs, and occasionally touches on social issues.

Controversies: Throughout his career, MontanaBlack has faced his share of controversies, often stemming from remarks or actions during his livestreams. These incidents have led to temporary bans from Twitch.

Book: In 2019, MontanaBlack released an autobiography titled “MontanaBlack: Vom Junkie zum YouTuber” (From Junkie to YouTuber), where he discussed his troubled past, struggles with addiction, and his journey to becoming a successful online personality.

MontanaBlack Family

Details about MontanaBlack’s family are not as widely publicized, as he tends to keep his personal life relatively private.

MontanaBlack Age

MontanaBlack would be 35 years old.

MontanaBlack Height

Exact details about MontanaBlack’s height are not widely publicized.


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