Ron Klain Net Worth

ron klain net worth
source: Instagram

The Chief of Staff is a highly reputed designation. Though not a compulsory appointment, almost all Presidents have had a Chief of Staff. It is the one person that the President can rely on no matter what.

With President-elect Joe Biden nearing his appointment as the 46th President of United States of America, Biden has announced his longtime aide/advisor Ron Klain as the White House Chief of Staff.

Biden explains why he chose Ron Klain as his Chief of Staff in a statement he made yesterday.

“His deep, varied experience and capacity to work with people all across the political spectrum is precisely what I need in a White House chief of staff as we confront this moment of crisis and bring our country together again.”

Ron Klain Net Worth is around $170K

As of now there is no publicly disclosed financial details of Ron Klain.  He has been a successful lawyer and is also quite an influential political figure.

Ron Klain has amassed quite a wealth through his profession as a lawyer. He has also served as the Chief of Staff to two vice presidents, Al Gore and Joe Biden.

With his appointment as the Chief of Staff at White House, his annual income will be somewhere in the range of $52,200 to $172,200.

ron klain net worth
source: Instagram

Joe Biden names Ron Klain as White House Chief of Staff

Being appointed as Chief of Staff means that Rob Klain will oversee the Executive workings of Office of the President and serve as a senior advisor.

Rob Klain’s duties will also include building a diverse, experienced and talented team for both Biden and the soon to be Vice President Kamala Harris. This team will help Biden and Harris in meeting the imminent challenge that the country is facing.

Biden’s announcement of Ron Klain as his Chief of Staff wasn’t really surprising after all Klain has been Biden’s constant advisor be it for the more recent Presidential Elections or when Biden served as President Barack Obama’s Vice President.

In a statement to the press, President-Elect Joe Biden said:

“Ron has been invaluable to me over the many years that we have worked together, including as we rescued the American economy from one of the worst downturns in our history in 2009 and later overcame a daunting public health emergency in 2014.”

Klain has also previously worked as the White House Ebola Response Coordinator. He was appointed by President Obama at a time when the health crisis was at its peak.

On his appointment as President-Elect Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain said:

“It’s the honour of a lifetime to serve President-elect Biden in this role, and I am humbled by his confidence. I look forward to helping him and the Vice President-elect assemble a talented and diverse team to work in the White House, as we tackle their ambitious agenda for change, and seek to heal the divides in our country.”


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