Ron Johnson Net Worth

ron johnson net worth
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Ronald Johnson is a businessman and politician who is currently serving as the US Senator for Wisconsin. A member of the Republican Party, Johnson was elected to the Senate in 2010. He defeated his Democratic opponent, Russ Feingold in the 2010 and 2016 Senate elections. Before joining politics, Johnson was the CEO of a polyester and plastics manufacturing company founded by his brother-in-law.

On 16th December, Senator Johnson and his colleagues ignited President Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud during the 2020 Presidential Election, 2 days after Joe Biden was declared the winner by the Electoral College. While the Republicans were fighting, Democrats fought against the allegations. A former federal cybersecurity official who oversaw the election security testified that attempts to undermine confidence in the election process were bad for democracy. 

Ron Johnson Net Worth is estimated to be $24 Million

According to, Johnson has an estimated net worth of $24 Million. Until his Senate election in 2010, Johnson worked as the CEO of the plastics company, PACUR succeeding his brother-in-law. With a bachelor’s degree in business and accounting, Johnson attended the University of Minnesota until 1979 but did not receive a graduate degree.

In 2010, Johnson ran for the Senate’s office in Wisconsin. During his Senate campaign, Johnson opposed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act stating,

“The United States would have been far better off not spending any of the money and [letting] the recovery happen as it was going to happen”.

After winning 52% of the votes against Democrat opponent, Russ Feingold, Johnson became the US Senator for Wisconsin.

Ron Johnson Ran for Senator for a Second Term

In 2013, Johnson revealed that he would be running for re-election in the 2016 Senate Elections. Washington Post rated Johnson as the most vulnerable incumbent US Senator for the 2016 elections. During the 2016 election, Johnson defeated his 2010 opponent, Russ Feingold for the second time and became the US Senator for Wisconsin for a second term.

Ron Johnson’s Senate Hearing Ignites Claims Of Election Fraud

Senator Johnson fought against voter fraud during his Senate hearing, just two days after President-elect Joe Biden’s victory was secured by the Electoral College. The hearing elevated the existing claims of fraud to the highest levels and provided Trump’s lawyers a platform to make false assertions, after losing various legal battles in Court. Johnson and Michigan Senator, Gary Peters yelled at each for spreading misinformation, claiming that Peters had lied about their role.

Johnson claimed that Trump’s election raised legitimate concerns and they do need to be taken seriously.” Trump’s campaign have filed 50 lawsuits against voter fraud, most of which had been dropped or dismissed by Judges due to lack of evidence. The US Supreme Court also denied to hear the cases that invalidated the election’s outcome.


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