Paul Mitchell Net Worth

paul mitchell net worth
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Even though President-elect Joe Biden and his administration are just a month away from taking charge of the governance, a number of Trump officials are already leaving Trump’s side. 

A few moments after the election results seemed to affirm Biden’s victory, Trump’s Attorney General William Barr announced that he will be departing his office. Both Barr and Donal Trump had a difference of opinion after Trump and the Republicans made accusations of large-scale election fraud. 

Now joining Barr, is Paul Mitchell, the Michigan House Representative. The 64-year-old Mitchell has announced his resignation from the Republican Party as he is now becoming independent.

Paul Mitchell also protested against the Republican’s accusations of election fraud. In an interview, Mitchell said,

“This party has to stand up for democracy first, for our Constitution first, and not political considerations. Not to protect a candidate. Not simply for raw political power, and that’s what I feel is going on and I’ve had enough.”

Paul Mitchell Net Worth is around $40 Million

Representative Paul Mitchell for Michigan’s 10th district is one the wealthiest congressman. According to, with an extensive corporate portfolio Paul Mitchell has a net worth of approximately $40 Million.

As member of congress he earned a salary of $174,000, which is more than twice the average household income. Rep. Mitchell has another $3 Million to $4 Million invested in securities. 

On top of that he has a Lake George Road property and Lake Grove Property, both totalling a value somewhere in the range $4 Million to $10 Million.

Mitchell dissatisfied with Trump and Republicans attempts to harm the democracy

“I have stated publicly numerous times that when entering the political arena, a person must be willing to accept winning and losing with grace and maturity,”

Though Mitchell had announced his departure way before the accusations. The Boston-born politician, who was first elected in 2016, will be retiring after completing two terms. 

In an interview with CNN Mitchell clarified that though he has cited with the Trump administration 95% of the time, he can no longer do so. He believes that every candidate has the right to voice their concerns but cannot keep on making accusations without any proof. 

“It is unacceptable for political candidates to treat our election system as though we are a third-world nation and incite distrust of something so basic as the sanctity of our vote.”


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