Nicolle Wallace Net Worth

nicolle wallace net worth
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Nicolle Wallace is famous journalist, anchor and author and has also been the assistant to George W. Bush and as an advisor for McCain and Palin campaign in 2008. She also has three published books from 2010-2015, namely Eighteen Acres: A Novel, It’s Classified: A Novel and Madam President: A Novel. All three books were published by Atria Books.

Nicolle Wallace Net Worth is $3 Million

According to the sources, Nicolle Wallace has a net worth of approximately $3 Million and earns a salary of $700K every year.

Early days of Nicolle Wallace

Born on the fourth of February 4th 1972 in Southern California., she was the oldest child amongst all her siblings. Her mother was a teacher in a public school and her father was a dealer of antiques from the company “Devenish and company”.

Nicolle Wallace is of Greek descent, she attended and graduated from the school in 1990 from Miramonte High School. She was a student at the University of California and completed her undergraduate degree with a bachelor of arts in Mass Communications in 1994 and a master’s degree in 1996 from Northwestern University’s school of journalism.

Story of Nicolle Wallace and her books

Nicolle Wallace wrote a novel titled Eighteen Acres that was published in 2010. The novel was based on the property that the white house was built on.

She also spoke about the first female president, the female chief of staff to the same president and a certain white house correspondent.

She mentioned in an interview that “It’s my best attempt at a story that I hope people will pick up and read and enjoy and maybe feel like they’re getting to see what it’s really like in the White House in this entirely fictional story.”

The novel received a lot of good reviews a notable one being by the letter that Patrick Anderson wrote to the Washington Post. He said, “To say that Nicolle Wallace’s ‘Eighteen Acres’ is one of the best novels I’ve read about life in the White House may be faint praise—there haven’t been many good ones—but her book is both an enjoyable read and a serious look at what high-level political pressures do to people.”

And another one being from a USA today member, Craig Wilson who said “Nicolle Wallace actually knows what she’s talking about.”

nicolle wallace net worth
source: instagram

Nicolle Wallace television career

ABC, on the third of September 2014 announced that Nicolle Wallace would be joining to co-host the view along with Rosie Perez.

She made her debut on the 18th season of the show and quit the show after the season finale.

Nicolle Wallace was also a part of the NBC news team and also was a political analyst. She was featured and has contributed to many programs like The 11th Hour with Brian Williams and Morning Joe.

Deadline; White House, a show on MSNBC gained Nicolle Wallace her most recognition on television. She anchored the show from May 9th 2017. The show had close to 2 million viewers as of 2020.

Why was Nicolle Wallace fired from “The View”

In 2015, Nicolle was fired from “The View” after just one Season. She agreed that getting fired felt more like a personal pain. When asked more about that, she replied “Well, I think the problem was it wasn’t contentious that season I was on. Being fired from a TV show where you think you’re kind of baring your soul feels personal because it is.”

“It’s like being broken up with,” she further mentioned. “Because I never worked in entertainment, I think what I didn’t understand is: It really was a casting, and it was a casting they didn’t like.

Nicolle Wallace family life

In 2005, Nicolle Wallace got married to Mark Wallace who is an American lawyer, businessman and also a former diplomat. The couple has a son who was born in 2012. The couple stood their grounds and supported the legalization of same-sex marriage and Nicolle Wallace had also mentioned that she is a non-practising Republican party member.


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