Mike Pompeo Net Worth

mike pompeo net worth
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We see many top-notch businessmen gliding swiftly into the political arena. Either with the purpose to serve the country or just to make a few more dollar bills. One of which is an American businessman who later became former US President Donald trump’s secretary of state Mr. Mike Pompeo. 

Mike is a renowned political and attorney as well as a diplomat who has been in office, working as a 70th United States secretary of state since April 2018 under Trump’s government. He became a notable figure after multiple nominations by the white house and since then his net worth is shooting the stars. Let’s take a quick ride through his career and unleash his real net worth.

Mike Pompeo net worth is of $800 thousand

As of 2020, Mike has a net worth of $800 thousand. Though if we follow his recent financial statements his net worth ranges from $500 thousand-$800 thousand. Following the records, the position of United States Secretary of State is considered a Level 1 as per the Executive pay schedule, and concerning this level officials get an annual base salary of $210,700.

It is true that the republicans working under Donald trump especially the cabinet ministers have an unsatisfactory income. He has proved to be the poorest as compared to his colleges. According to sources like Forbes Pompeo’s most valuable asset, today is a $350,000 federal pension, the result of his 13-year career.

To equip the seat of the United States Secretary of state, mike along with his wife sold their residence situated in Wichita, Kansas for $726,000. 

 The real question is will Trump’s failure in the recent 2020 US presidential elections affect the income of officials working under him?

Five years in the Army, Six in Congress & Dutiful Tenure under Trump’s administration.

Pompeo belongs to Orange, California, and was born in December 1967. He had a pretty ordinary childhood and his main focus was his studies. He majored in Mechanical engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point and performed the best as compared to his peers. 

Later, he became the Armor Branch Cavalry Officer in the united states army for five consecutive years. He then was promoted to the post of United States Cavalry officer. His career in the army contributed minimally to his net worth. 

It was 2010 when he decided to go political. He gained recognition in the field when trump announced Pompeo’s nomination as a CIA Director by late 2016. And by the start of the following year, he won the nomination and started working as a CIA Director under trump’s administration. Later in 2018, Trump announced his plan to nominate Pompeo as the new United States Secretary of State, effectively taking the place of Rex Tillerson


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