Miguel Cardona Net Worth

miguel cardona net worth
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Miguel Cardona is an educator who has been serving as the Connecticut Commissioner of Education since 2019. Born in Connecticut, he was raised in Meriden and graduated from the H.C. Wilcox Technical High School. He earned a degree from Central Connecticut State University and then completed his Master of Science at the University of Connecticut.

Cardona started his career as a teacher at the Israel Putnam School. In 2003, he became the principal of the Hanover School in Meriden. Cardona is the youngest person to be named as principal in the state.

On 22nd December 2020, Joe Biden announced that Cardona would serve as the US Education Secretary in his cabinet. “In Miguel Cardona, America will have an experienced and dedicated public school teacher leading the way,” said Biden while announcing his pick for the Education Secretary.

What Is Miguel Cardona’s Net Worth?

According to PrimalInformation.com, Cardona earned a salary of $165,430 as a superintendent in 2017. He also earned $2,000 from his doctoral degree along with $1,250 as a longevity payment. According to FOX61, Cardona had been offered the job of the Commissioner of the State Department of Education with a salary of $192,500. There is no information about Cardona’s net worth, and we will update it once we receive information.

Miguel Cardona’s Career In Education Is Impressive!

Cardona served as the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning from 2015 to 2019 and went on to become an adjunct professor at the Department of Educational Leadership at the University of Connecticut. In 2019, Governor Ned Lamont appointed him as the Commissioner of Education. Cardona became the first Latino to be appointed for this position.

Having worked with Cardona on multiple projects, Darling-Hammond, as the leader of the transition’s efforts, brought him to the attention of Biden. Politico stated that “Hispanic lawmakers are stressing in particular the need for a Latina to join the administration”.

President-Elect Joe Biden Picks Miguel Cardona As The United States Secretary of Education

Though a final decision had not been made, it was rumored that Cardona was a candidate for the United States Secretary of Education. Biden’s pick of Cardona as the Education Secretary is yet to be officially announced. But the news was confirmed by other people familiar with this decision but have not been authorized to discuss it publicly.

In March, Cardona was appointed to the top education post in Connecticut. After the pandemic began and schools shifted to online learning, he delivered over 100,000 laptops to students across the state. 

However, he has been pressing schools to re-open soon, stating that it is harmful to keep students at home for a long time. “Our position has always been when you can get students into the classroom, that’s the best option,” Cardona expressed to lawmakers. “There is no replacement for that experience in the classroom with a teacher”.

Biden said Cardona’s appointment “will help us address systemic inequities” and “tackle the mental health crisis in our education system”, and ease student debt and give teachers a raise.

Miguel Cardona’s Personal Life

In 2002, Cardona married former Miss Connecticut in 2001 and a family school liaison, Marissa Pérez, and the couple has two children. 


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