Kellyanne Conway Net Worth

Kellyanne Conway Net Worth
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After the United States Capitol attack by the Pro-trumps, there are many political names coming into the spotlight one of which is Kellyanne Conway. She is a campaign manager from the States, a strategist, and also contributed her work as a pollster. She is a Republican who was the campaign manager for Donald Trump and was named Counselor to the President for Trump from 2017 to 2020.

Now, let’s find out how rich this American Trump supporter is.

Kellyanne Conway Net Worth is $39 million

There is no doubt in the fact that Kelly enjoys a fulfilling and over the top salary from the White house. But she already had an impressive fortune before joining the Trump administration.

As of 2020 according to sources like Celebrity Net Worth she is estimated to have an approx. net worth of $39 million. In April 2017 a financial revelation was released in Kelly’s name showed that she personally earned approximately $900,000 in 2016. The same disclosure estimated that she and George controlled assets valued at between $11 and $44 million. Looking at the number it’s ascertained that the political career has treated her well as she enjoys a satisfying life.

Republican Kellyanne shows support in Trump’s favor

Kelly has been a former loyal longtime advisor to President Donald Trump. The recent Capitol riot left Kelly in condemn as she shared her feelings and showed support to Trump this Thursday. She wrote

The events were outrageous and inexcusable. Democracy relies on dissent, not destruction. In this nation, differences of opinions are resolved by showing up at the ballot box, not by storming the barricade,”

she continued “Violence and vandalism by anyone, anywhere, hiding behind the vaunted veil of ‘peaceful protests,’ is wrong. You don’t change the government by destroying it.”

She also wrote

The thugs from yesterday are responsible for their own actions. They don’t represent the millions of Trump voters or the massive ‘MAGA’ movement; they insult them.”

“Importantly, President Trump has denounced the violence, acknowledged the certified election results, and committed to a ‘peaceful transfer of power’ to the Biden-Harris Administration,” she wrote.He is the founder of a movement, leader of a party, and a President whose words persuade millions of people.”

This is definitely not a good time for America and not a good start of the year. Regardless, legislators on both sides of the alley have admonished Trump for stimulating the violence, and talk of invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him from office in the final days of his administration has swirled around Washington.

The fate of America remains a mystery.


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