John James Net Worth

john james net worth
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John Edward James is an Iraq War veteran who was personally endorsed by President Trump during the 2018 Senate race. 

John E. James’s Net Worth is between $500,000 and $1 million

James is also the president of an operating company within his family business company James Group International, which was founded by his father.  

James is the CEO and President of Renaissance Global Logistics LLC, a company that assists clients with warehousing needs. For his position as CEO and President James earns a salary of $344,126 which he reported on his senate form.

According to the details filled by James in his Senate form, his most lucrative asset is his James Group International corporate stock and is valued somewhere between $500,000 and $1 million.

On top of that James also owns stocks valued somewhere in the range of $100,000 and $250,000 in a commercial real estate company in Detroit. 

All of these assets added on with his house which was valued at $474,901 in 2018 brings Republican John James’s net worth close to about $1.25 Million.

The Flag Bearer of Republican Dreams 

The Republican Party considered James to be a golden bird in this year’s senate elections as he was one of the very few candidates who was expected to overthrow existing Democrat Senators and turn some Democrat Senate seats into Republican seats.

James contested in the election for the Senate of Michigan against the incumbent Gary Peters. It was one of the most closely watched Senate races in this year’s Senate elections. 

James faced a defeat at the hands of Peters who was defending his Senate seat by a margin of 87,407 votes. 

Gary Peters claimed victory by gaining 49.9% votes while James only managed 48.3% of the votes.

His political views are quite conservative for an African-American. For his 2018 race to the Senate, James described his stand to be “pro-life, pro-second amendment, pro-business conservative”.

Life Before Participating in The Senate Race

Throughout his campaign, James stuck to pretty basic talking points like his time in the army or his disgust for Obamacare.

When he was in the army he went to Iraq on multiple tours. He was a pilot of the AH-64 Apache. 

Even though James lost the Senate race in 2018, somehow he was still President Trump’s GoldenEye. After all, Trump considered nominating him for the position of ‘United States Ambassador to the United Nations’.

Though Michigan was a state won by Trump, its senate seat was still being held by a Democrat, which is the reason why the Republicans wanted James to contest for Michigan. 


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