Jimmy Carter Net Worth

Jimmy Carter Net Worth
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Jimmy Carter has been one of the beloved United States President. He is an American politician and philanthropist and former naval officer. He has also served as Governor of Georgia before becoming the 39th President of the United States. He held office from 1977 to 1981. The 96-year-old politician has made himself an impressive fortune. Let’s take a sneak peek, shall we?

Jimmy Carter’s Net Worth is estimated at $10 Million

The American before getting into politics worked on a peanut farm. It was obvious that Carter did not come from a well to do family, he took over the family farm following his father’s death and struggled to make it successful.

According to sources like Celebrity Net worth, Jimmy is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million. Most of his earnings are through his political career. When Jimmy took over the White House, he earned the then-standard $200,000 per year in salary. That same $200,000 is worth $1.4million today, thanks to inflation. 

He also has a full-staff of Secret Service protection and is paid $150,000 per year for staff. America has been quite rewarding to him. He lived a satisfying and fulfilling life and is ready to leave behind a noteworthy legacy.

Why did Former President Jimmy Carter did not attend the Biden-Harris inaugural ceremony?

America witnesses the most awaited Swearing-In ceremony of President Joe Biden and Vice President, Kamala Harris this Wednesday. It was rather heartbreaking when we came to know that the only living Democratic former president Jimmy Carter could not grace the ceremony with his presence because of his severe health conditions.

However, President Joe was kind enough to remember the 96-year-old Former President in his inaugural address. He also mentioned Carter’s wife Rosalynn Carter. President Biden said

“I know the resilience of our Constitution, the strength, the strength of our nation. As does President Carter, who I spoke with last night, who cannot be with us today but whom we salute for a lifetime of service,” 

Carter’s family had informed prior in January of them not attending the event and as per reports, their decision comes as the ongoing pandemic has made travel risky, especially for older Americans. Though, Carters did not verify their main reason for not being able to attend the ceremony. In a statement President Carter mentioned Joe and complimented Joe for being a loyal and dedicated friend “Joe Biden was my first and most effective supporter in the Senate. For decades, he’s been my loyal and dedicated friend,” Carter said. “Joe has the experience, character, and decency to bring us together.”


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