Jennifer Granholm Net Worth

jennifer granholm net worth
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Jennifer Granholm is an American politician, lawyer, political commentator, and published author. She is a member of the Democratic Party and was the Attorney General of Michigan from 1999 to 2003. She was also the 47th and first woman Governor of Michigan from 2003 to 2011.

On 15th December 2020, Biden tapped Granholm as the Energy Secretary and Pete Buttigieg as the Transportation Secretary. She was a supporter during Biden’s presidential campaign and has spoken against President Donald Trump, accusing him of “poisoning democracy”.

Jennifer Granholm Net Worth is expected to be $1 Million

According to CelebrityNetWorth, Granholm has an estimated net worth of $1 million. A politician, political commentator, lawyer, published author, and educator, Granholm has led a successful life. After serving as an attorney, she went on to become Michigan’s Attorney General in 1999, the first female Attorney General of the state.

After serving one term as the Attorney General, Granholm was elected as the first woman Governor of Michigan in 2003 and served two terms: 2003 to 2007 and 2007 to 2011. Apart from her political career, Granholm is also a distinguished professor of law and public policy at UC Berkeley and a published author of two books: “A Governor’s Story: The Fight for Jobs and America’s Economic Future” and “Can Donald Trump Make America Great Again? The Munk Debates”.

Jennifer Granholm is President-Elect, Biden’s Pick as the Energy Secretary

Apart from picking Pete Buttigieg as the Transportation Secretary and Gina McCarthy as the Domestic Climate Chief, Biden also picked Granholm as the Energy Secretary. She will take on the role to execute Biden’s $2 trillion climate plan, the country’s “broadest and most ambitious” effort to reduce fossil fuel emissions.

As the Governor of Michigan, Granholm faced an economic downturn before the Great Depression and sought out to diversify Michigan by emphasizing a “green economy”. She pushed for manufacturing wind turbines, solar panels, advanced batteries, and electric vehicles and also signed a law that pushed for Michigan’s energy to come from renewable sources.

Granholm’s specialization in the auto industry could help in strengthening Biden’s team and appealing to blue-collar works. The shift can also be expected in the climate-centric economy. It will also show a change from Trump’s Energy Secretary, Rick Perry who used his power to push natural gas exports and regulators to prop up coal as a power source.

More On Jennifer Granholm’s Life

Granholm was born in Vancouver, Canada and her parents migrated to the US when she was four years old and she received her US citizenship in 1980. When she was at Harvard, she met Daniel Mulhern. They got married in 1986 and the couple has three children.


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