Claire McCaskill Net Worth

claire mccaskill net worth
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McCaskill is a prominent political personality in America. She was the first female candidate to be elected to the United States Senate from Missouri.

Claire McCaskill was defeated by the Republican candidate Josh Hawley. After her defeat in 2018, McCaskill ventured into working as a speaker for hire. She also works at NBC and MSNBC as a political analyst.

Claire McCaskill Net Worth is around $60 Million

McCaskill disclosed her financials to the Associated Press back in 2018. According to her tax returns, Claire McCaskill has a net worth of $60 Million.

She was among the ten richest members of the congress back in 2018. McCaskill has had a prominent career in the public sector ever since she took her Juris Doctor from the University of Missouri School of Law in 1978.

She even faced some backlash when she filed her tax return separately and did not include her husband’s earning in the disclosure.

As a Senator from Missouri, McCaskill had an annual income of $165,200 in 2007 when she first won the senate election. During her last year as Senator, McCaskill’s annual income was $174,000 in 2019.

Claire McCaskill Ne Worth
source: Instagram

Based on the median income of $114,290 for most political analysts, McCaskill earns somewhat around $150,000 for working as a political analyst for NBC and MSNBC. Her income on the higher end is owed to her years of experience and expertise.

Of the $60 Million net worth of Claire McCaskill, she has $20 million worth of real estate and another $10 Million worth of investments in securities.

Death Threat from a man from Utah

Claire McCaskill, who previously served as the United States Senator from Missouri was the latest victim in a string of violent threats to government officials. Apparently an assailant was on his way in a speeding car to kill McCaskill.

On Wednesday morning, George William Stahl, a resident of Utah was spotted by a Utah Highway Patrol officer as he was speeding through the snow at a speed of 135 mph.

After failed attempts to get William Stahl to stop his car, the police had to spike his tires to stop the car. The man was later arrested on charges of driving recklessly, making terroristic threats, speeding, failing to stop, DUI, and drug possession to which he himself admitted.

Upon being taken to the police station, Stahl told the police officers that he was speeding through the snow because he was on his way to kill Claire McCaskill.

This isn’t the first incident in recent times when a politician is threatened. A few days ago, a man from Staten Island was arrested for posting anti-Semitic threats to Minority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer.

This only goes to show how unstable the political climate is. McCaskill when reached to comment on the incident, said:

“Obviously, this is not the first time there have been threats, and that is never good, but the political temperature is very high right now, which makes it concerning.”


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