Andrew Cuomo Net Worth

andrew cuomo net worth
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Andrew Mark Cuomo is a famous politician, author, lawyer, and served as the 56th governor of New York City. He followed his father’s footsteps to become the governor.

He has been someone who has always been in support of the legalization of marijuana and the year 2014 for medicinal use and this made New York the 23rd state in the United States of America to legalize the medicinal use of marijuana

He also stood in support of Israel and took to Twitter to say “If you boycott Israel, New York State will boycott you.” 

He was also a supporter of the concept of same-sex marriage. And boycotted the protests against the LGBTQ communities in Indiana and North Carolina.

Andrew Cuomo Net Worth is estimated at around $5M

According to the sources, as of the year 2020, Andrew Cuomo has a high net worth of $5 million. In the year 2010, he made $1 million a year till 2005. He also invested in real estate when he worked as an advisor for Andrew Farkas who has a big name in the real estate industry. In 2013 his net worth took a rise to $3 million.

Son of Mario Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo was born to the late governor of New York, Mario Cuomo, and Matilda on the 6th of December 1957 in Queens, New York. His family comes from Italian Background.

Andrew Cuomo grew up with four siblings. His oldest sister is Margaret Cuomo who is a radiologist and his younger brother is Chris Cuomo who is a journalist for the CNN news channel.

Andrew Cuomo graduated in the year 1971 from St. Gerard Majella’s school. He completed his higher secondary schooling in 1975 at Archbishop Molloy High School. he went to university and attained a B.A degree from Fordham University in the year 1979. he also has a J.D from the Albany Law School that he completed in the year 1982.

andrew cuomo net worth
Source: Instagram

Married to the Seventh Daughter of Robert F. Kennedy

In the year 1990, Andrew Cuomo got married to the seventh daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, Kerry Kennedy.

The couple had a happy marriage with three daughters, Mariah Matilda Kennedy-Cuomo born in 1997, and twin daughter born in 1995 whose names were, Cara Ethel Kennedy-Cuomo and Mariah Matilda Kennedy-Cuomo. The children took both their parent’s last names. However, the couple went their separate ways in the year 2003 and officially filed and got divorced in the year 2005.

After his marriage, in the year same year of his divorce, Andrew Cuomo started dating Sandra Lee who was the host of Food Network and they lived together in Westchester County, New York in 2011. The couple however split up in 2019. Right now, Andrew Cuomo lives in his executive mansion in New York and also in an interview announced that he is single and completely available to spark a romantic relationship making him one of the most eligible bachelors.

Is He Dating Chelsea Handler?

Governor Andrew Cuomo was on the “The Howard Stern Show” when he was asked about Chelsea Handler. During a recent interview Chelsea Handler said, she had a crush on Andrew and wanted to date him. Howard Stern jokingly asked if they had a secret affair. Andrew Cuomo was quick to answer that question and clarified the dating rumors. He said 

Chelsea handler is from the state of California so she would be quarantined I need a date who is not quarantined I can’t have somebody come on a date and stay for 14 days

Watch the video here

Credit: The Howard Stern Show


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