Pokémon GO to add Multiplayer Battle feature in 2020


A long wait and an enormous number of demands later, Niantic made the announcement yesterday regarding the new Multiplayer Battle update in Pokémon GO. It was stated that the GO Battle League will build upon Trainer Battles, which is the current player vs. player feature within Pokémon GO.

Even though the Trainer Battles were launched about a year ago, most of the new updates in the game will be developed keeping it as the base for each one. The new GO Battles are expected to have next-level enhancements in terms of quality as well as animations.

After the announcement, it can be assumed that Pokémon GO will now include the following features:

  • It will encourage children to go outdoors to play, instead of sitting at home in front of a TV screen
  • The trainers will be able to explore many more spaces around them along with their Pokémon
  • To avail entries in a Battle Leagues, the Trainers will have to walk around a certain amount
  • The Trainers will now be able to Battle with other Trainers from around the world
  • The improved internet service and connections will help in enhancing the gaming experience for every player
  • The players can compete for ranks which will be considered worlwide

Teasing the excited player, Niantic, in its blog has slyly avoided spilling any details about the games other than the above mentioned. Although, the features that the gaming company had indeed added were highly requested from players around the world. This has led to an increase in the company’s popularity.

Niantic says that the GO Battle League feature will “make the Pokémon GO battling experience more competitive and accessible to more Trainers.”

As soon as the news of the announcement spread over the internet, a lot of people have expressed their excitement about the new addition on social media.



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