Paula White’s Net Worth: This American Pastor Has a Fortune Worth Million Dollars

In this cruel world, the only thing that gives us hope and tranquillity is the Divine, and the American pastor, Paula Mitchell White is graciously taking it to another level. She is a Christian evangelist, teacher, author, and television personality. The angels from Africa might not help her beloved President Donald Trump, but sure has a tremendous contribution to her net worth.

Paula White Net worth is $5 Million

Paula is not only known for her godly acts but also for her holy net worth. As of 2021, she is worth $5 million!

Paula’s father took his own life when she was five.

Paula Mitchell Furr had an eerie childhood. She was born on April 20, 1996, in Tupelo, Mississippi. The Furr family was well settled until they hit rock bottom. At the sensitive age of 5, Paula went through a phase where her father, Daniel took his own life after a dispute with her mother. This event changed her forever as she and her mother had to acknowledge the horrors of poverty. 

After such a heartbreaking childhood, her teenage days weren’t fulfilling either. As she mentioned, she was constantly physically and sexually abuse until the age of thirteen. 

It wasn’t a consistent abuse, but it was enough to do damage that made psychiatrists say I would be dysfunctional all my life”. ~ Paula White 

All these proceedings didn’t tear her up but only made her stronger for the upcoming challenges of life. She believed in the divine and that things would get did and how!

Between all the misfortunes and dealing with her drunk mother, she completed her graduation from Seneca Valley High School situated in Maryland. It was Maryland that gifter her with Christianity and in 1984 she officially got converted.

When she was 18, she experienced something celestial. According to her:

 “When I was just eighteen years old, the Lord gave me a vision that every time I opened my mouth and declared the Word of the Lord, there was a manifestation of His Spirit where people were either healed, delivered, or saved. When I shut my mouth, they fell off into utter darkness and God spoke to me and said ‘I called you to preach the gospel.‘”

Without Walls International Church

To give the best to humanity, she along with her husband co-founded and built their church named south Tampa Christian center which was later renamed Without Walls International Church. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned and they went through financial problems in maintaining the church. In eight years, they had to change the church location thrice and were living on others’ kindness. 

Their prayers weren’t left unheard, irrespective of all the struggle Paula remained a stern believer and now has an income of millions of dollars. 

Paula’s teenage pregnancy and broken married life

After her unwanted teenage pregnancy, she married one of her kind Randy White who was also a preacher but was a divorcee. Though that too went downhill and they separated in 2007. Finally, in 2015, she settled with Jonathan Cain a rock musician, and has a lovely son named Bradley.

God takes what the enemy meant for your bad and turns it for your good! It wasn’t a setback but a setup! Wait and see what God is getting ready to do for you!” ~ Paula White

Watch Paula White accusing demons of rigging the election

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