Carl Lentz Net Worth

Carl Lentz Net Worth
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A pastor, a spiritual guide, leader of Hillsong NYC! These are all the hats that pastor Carl Lentz has to shuffle through every day. 

It was Carl Lentz who started the New York Chapter of the global megachurch Hillsong in 2010 along with Joel Houston. Lentz soon became popular in the church as he brought several high-profile celebrities into the church.

Lentz has also been pop star Justin Bieber’s spiritual guide in the past. The 26-year-old pop star took Lentz as spiritual guru post his break up with Selena Gomez. Bieber was going through a difficult phase in his life and sought Lentz’s spiritual guidance. 

The pastor even baptized Bieber in 2014. Lentz proceeded to baptize Justin in a bathtub of NBA player Tyson Chandler so that Bieber can re-commit to God.

But to everyone’s surprise, Lentz was recently fired from his position of a pastor from Hillsong following charges of some major breach of trust. 

Hillsong Pastor Net Worth is around $2.5 Million

Serving as a Minister of Hillsong, Lentz has also accumulated quite a wealth. His net worth currently stands at somewhere around $2.5 Million

Along with the New York chapter of Hillsong, Lentz serves as a minister in other state and nation wide branches as well.

Over the years Lentz amassed a following from some of the most popular “Youth” celebs. Due to Lentz’s involvement, the church quickly amassed a young following, with up to 8000 attendees able to fit in the building at any one time.

His clientele includes celebrities like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Chris Pratt, and Katherine Schwarzenegger, Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler, Nick Jonas, Hailee Steinfeld and Bono, and many more. 

Why did Carl Lentz gets sacked from Hillsong?

Lentz, the fashionista minister of the Hillsong Church was fired by Hillsong leader Brian Houston on Wednesday. 

“Today Hillsong Church East Coast advised our congregation that we have terminated the employment of Pastor Carl Lentz.”

Houston informed members of the church about Lentz’s firing through an email citing “moral failings” the reason for firing the pastor. His email read :

“This action was not taken lightly and was done in the best interests of everyone, including Pastor Carl.”

The real reason for his termination was revealed by Lentz himself in a statement he made on Instagram. The pastor revealed that he is guilty of infidelity. Lentz expressed remorse for his actions. His Instagram post read :

“I was unfaithful in my marriage, the most important relationship in my life. This failure is on me, and me alone and I take full responsibility for my actions. I now begin a journey of rebuilding trust with my wife.”

Lentz married his wife Laura in 2003 whom the pastor met three years ago at Leadership College in Australia. 


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