Ozark Season 4 Release Date, Cast, and Ending Explained!

Netflix crime drama Ozark season 3 which returned to screens earlier this year and what a ride it was. Byrde family once again pushed to their limits on more than one occasion in Season 3.

Where the crime drama could go next

Season 3 was by no means an endpoint of the series, given that the finale was a huge one. As we know Ozark Season 4 is set to be the last in the series. Netflix has confirmed that the show will have 14 episodes and it will be split into two parts.

Ozark Season 4 cast

As we already know Marty and Wendy Byrde played by Jason Bateman and Laura Linney would return as well as Omar Navarro played by Felix Solis. We expect them all to return alongside Charlotte played by Sofia Hublitz and Jonah played by Skylar Gaertner.

Janet McTeer will not be back as Helen after Navarro ordered Nelson Bonilla to shoot his trusty attorney dead she was killed right in front of Marty and Wendy. Ruth Langmore played by the brilliant Julia Garner, her cousin Wyatt played by Charlie Tahan, and Lisa Emery as Darlene Snell would make a comeback. Now there are also important supporting characters in the season, such as Kansas City Mob boss Frank Cosgrove and his son Frank Jr, corrupt sheriff John Nix. Wendy’s former real estate partner Sam Dermody, politician Charles Wilkes, and his right-hand man Jim along with FBI agents Trevor Evans and Maya Miller.

Miller was pregnant when we last saw her in the show so there’s a chance she could be on maternity leave when season 4 returns. There’s Wendy’s brother Ben played Tom Pelphrey. Some people are convinced that he didn’t die because we didn’t see a physical body could he miraculously reappear further down the line. All will be revealed in season four.

How long we will have to wait?

The vast majority of TV and movie productions have stalled because of the coronavirus which means schedules have been pushed back and release dates are currently up in the air. The premiere dates for Ozark have been somewhat unpredictable. So far fans have been already forced to wait more than a year and a half for season 3

Jason Bateman is also an extremely busy so it will need to align with his schedule the best-case scenario is March 2021.

What will happen in season 4

Marty and Wendy, are still working for Navarro despite having more than a few issues along the way. Since Helen is now out of the picture they now have a direct line to the boss man himself.

Showrunner Chris Mundy told Entertainment Weekly that in the end Navarro had a twist to make and he did just that but Helen was extremely good at her job. Meanwhile, Marty and Wendy have pulled off the impossible for him twice, they got the casino up and running and then also got the FBI on their side which is a very attractive proposition to Navarro. Marty and Wendy shouldn’t get too complacent just yet the FBI is still circling in season 4 and will undoubtedly be their biggest challenge yet.

Marty has also been close to walking away from the money-laundering operation on two occasions.

In Ozark season 3 Marty Byrde was abducted and tortured by the drug kingpin himself Omar Navarro meanwhile Wendy was forced to do the unthinkable in order hit on her brother to save her husband and children from being slaughtered.

Now one thing is for certain they’re gonna have to do it all. He’s teamed up with Wyatt to run Darlene Snell’s heroin operation. Now will she stick with her cousin and see what she can achieve there or will she twist and head back to Marty. Jonah has displayed some pretty worrying signs throughout the series the most dramatic being when he found out his uncle had died, took a shotgun, and blew out the windows in the family’s living room. Now it feels like his character has been building towards something tragic but will that finally come to light in season four

Details and spoilers are completely under wraps at the moment regarding season four but we can safely assume that when it does arrive it’s gonna be another hit.


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