“On My Block Season 4-What to expect from this Season! Cast, Release and some mystery reveal!

On My Block is a popular teen comedy-drama television web series. Creators of this amazing web series are Lauren Lungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft.

It is a story about four bright, street-savvy friends navigating their way through high school in the gritty inner city of South Central Los Angeles and dealing with all the problems in their lives.

Keep reading to know everything about “On My Block Season 4, its release date, casts and plots.

Cast for “On My Block”

It is the most popular series on Netflix. Actors like Monse, Ruben, Cesan, Jasmine, and Jamal became very popular with their actions in the whole series.

In Season 3, the story went through the scenes of the kidnapping of Monse, Ruben, Cesar, and Jamal.

We’ll definitely see Monse played by Sierra Capri, Cesar played by Diego Tinoco, Ruby played by Jason Genao, Jamal portrayed by Brett Gray, Jasmine Marie Garcia and Spooky by Julio Macias.

New supporting cast members are expected to add up.

Release Date: “On My Block Season 4”

On my block, premiered its first season on 16 March and renewed for the second season, which aired on 29 March 2019 and the third season premiered on 29 April 2019.

Without the official trailers, subscribers have started tuning to its updates and are eagerly waiting for the release of Season 4, but it is expected the cast will soon give their fans good news about the upcoming Season as they said they are also very keen about the Season 4 of “On My Block”.

Storyline: “On My Block Season 4”

The series follows the four bright, street-savvy friends living in Los Angeles. They navigate their way through high school with their lifelong friendship put to test at every point.

The third Season ended with a two-year jump, where all of the main characters had grown

Apart and were busy in their respective lives. Ruby and Jasmine were happily dating, Monse was living in a boarding school, and Jamal had started playing football again.

So Season 4 will explore more into it, showcasing what all happened between the pair and also explaining the reason why Jamal started hanging out with the football crowd again.

In Season 3, Jasmine and Ruby were still together but they seem to have drifted apart from Jamal who seems happy with his friends on the football team.

Cesar appears to have taken over the Santos gang from Oscar who has quit gang life.

Commenting on the surprising situation during a March 2020 interview withEntertainment Tonight, Capri argued that although shocking, the transformation was related portrays of young friendships.

In an interview with Paste, Lungerich teased that Season 4 will reveal how and why they drifted apart. It will also reveal whether they drift further apart or whether events bring them together again.

“And so what does it look like for these kids, who are each other’s chosen family, when they’re not together? And how do we get them together again, if they are meant to be together?”

The Mystery of Lil’ Ricky to Be Solved?

Another mystery to be solved in the upcoming Season.

The high school kids have to go through a tough run being brought in the rough part of LA. They’re exposed to gang culture and are forced to grow up ahead of their age. One main issue that’s to be addressed in the further Season is about Lil Ricky.

All this time we thought Lil’ Ricky was dead. He was known for stealing thousands of money in 1980 and the money is hidden. However, he was never caught and is believed to be dead.

The squad never really finds the real identity of Lil’ Ricky. Hence the guy remains a mystery for everyone.


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