Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp might get his Original Motion Picture

  • Voldemort’ might get his first original movie
  • The Harry Potter franchise under discussion with Warner Brothers
  • The focus will be on how a normal kid became the Dark Lord

 “He who must not be named”, the dark lord might be getting his first movie. The topic is still in discussion under Warner Brothers. The Harry Potter franchise came to an end in 2011 when the last part of the series- “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Part 2” was released. The fans have been yearning to visit the magical world again to experience new adventures.

According to the entertainment company, they want to produce a Lord Voldemort original film, covering the story of how Tom Riddle molds and shaped himself to turn into the ‘dark lord’, in the previous parts although he was the arch-nemesis of the main character, Harry Potter, not much than what was necessary was covered about his past life.

The previous role of the dark character was played by the famous, Ralph Fiennes, but now he is too old to play the character. The production department has been looking around other actors for the role and according to rumors have eyed Noah Schnapp, he plays Will in Stranger Things.

Noah shares his pale skin and dark hair with Tom Riddle which makes him a strong candidate for the role. The focus of the movie will be how the kid with Slytherin traits turned into the infamous and feared all ‘Dark Lord’. The storyline does have the potential to be equivalent to the Harry Potter series as Lord Voldemort even after being the most vicious character of all times, has this public sympathy and loyal following, trying to explain that he might have a good side to him. However, this might also become a hindrance for the production, if they portray him too negatively with no signs of human characters, they might harm the feelings of the dark Lord followers or if they sympathize too much with the character, they will be disappointing a majority of the Harry Potter fandom.

The loyal book readers have anyway been disappointed a lot of times in the past because of how, J.K. Rowling, the writer of the masterpiece has been giving away way too much information about the characters and their lives, which does not leave any mystery to the characters, they have been complaining that too much information about the characters solidifies their build as a person and leaves no room for imagination and self-interpretation,

This will be the biggest concern to cover when the movie is made, to not give out to much and let that mysterious aura of the Dark Lord prevail. 


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