Nissan and EVgo announce 200 more fast-charging stations for electric cars in the US

Nissan and EVgo announced on Tuesday that they are expanding their collaboration and they will deploy 200 more fast-charging stations for electric cars in the US due to the growth of electric cars in the country.

The companies have had a collaboration of six years and they have now announced this deployment as their new combined venture. 

Aditya Raj, director of EV Sales and Marketing at Nissan North America, commented on the announcement: “Nissan is proud to have partnered with EVgo to build the largest public EV fast-charging network in the US. Given the tremendous driver response to the 2019 long-range all-electric LEAF, Nissan and EVgo ill accelerate fast charging by committing to a multiyear charger construction program that will continue to expand fast charging options for EV drivers across the country.”

Cathy Zoi, CEO EVgo, added,” EVgo is thrilled to expand our six-year partnership with Nissan to provide convenient and reliable fast charging to EV drivers, including Nissan LEAF drivers, on the nation’s largest and most reliable public network. This new phase of our partnership means that EVgo and Nissan will continue to in enabling more American drivers to take advantage of the benefits of electric vehicles.”

The new 100kW fast-charging stations will have both CHAdeMO and CCS connectors, as the Nissan LEAF+ works on CHAdeMO charging.  This new version of LEAF has a 62kWh battery pack. 

The companies also want to promote the sale of the new Nissan LEAF+ through this venture as the company’s July sale figures were down as compared to the same month last year.

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