Ninja’s Apparel Deal With Adidas: Might Open a New Door to E-Sports

Ninja signs attire deal with Adidas

A very latest news follows that Fortnite streaming star Ninja exchanged from Amazon-owned Twitch to Microsoft’s Mixer. From this event, Ninja has gathered much popularity and become the first-ever pennant to catch a million subscribers on Mixer within a week.

But it is not the stop for Ninja. He seems not to be resting at here as he just arrived a year-long attire deal with Adidas. On the day of making this agreement, Tyler Blevins aka Ninja cited, “I can’t say specifically what is in the works with Adidas, but use your imagination.” 

From the Adidas side, they have many more plans. As they said that the product can be both for physical use or it can be for virtual merchandising. In their words, “in either the physical or virtual world.”

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Apparel deals

However, this is not the first time for a clothing company. Many clothes companies hire professionals. Nike acknowledged a deal beforehand this year to produce jerseys for the League of Legends Pro League in China.

These are presumed to debut at the 2019 League of Legends World Championship in Paris in October. Further, Champion and K-Swiss have also endorsed apparel contracts with different teams and professionals.

In this case, Adidas has contracted a professional streamer.

As we all know, Ninja is a big name in the streaming sector and because of him, there will be many interested people to promote Esports. It could help Esports gaming enhance a striking platform as a profession choice.

So far, not many details have been published from the company sides but we got something from Ninja himself. Ninja informed his viewers during a stream that specific details will be out shortly. 

There are no particular features right now prepared as to what Adidas gear Ninja will be sporting.

Adidas takes another step to be a partner with Belvins. It is to show its involvement in esports and video games and to encourage the makers who show complete dedication in their field.

 “creators who show dedication to excelling in their field.”  is the tag line for them.

Right now all we can do is to hope that this step will be a contributing hand to all the small streamers and specialists. People who are looking forward to making a career in the Esports field, it will be definitely helpful for them.

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