Watch: When Kate Upton had Jimmy Fallon almost ‘Pass Out’ with her Jiu-Jitsu Skills

kate upton
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Kate Upton appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in January where she talked about her ‘Strong4MeFitness’ initiative. Designed by Kate Upton and Ben Bruno, it is a woman-centric fitness program aimed at transforming the lives of busy women everywhere. It is a combination of powerful exercises for an effective 30-minute workout anywhere and anytime.

The model shared,

“We’re all about inside-out health so we’re expanding into a full wellness brand”.

She also revealed that she is obsessed with jiu-jitsu – “Oh my god! I’m obsessed with jiu-jitsu”. She has earned one stripe on her white belt until now. 

When Jimmy Fallon asked her how does the stripes work, she explained – “So, you get your belt and then you earn three stripes and you go to the next color.” 

The Layover actress also shared that the test is very hard and you learn all different submissions, how to break someone’s arm, how to pop the shoulder out, how to choke them out…”. She shared that she used to practice on her husband, Justin Verlander and her mother-in-law because her test was right after the World Series. 

When asked why did she take up jiu-jitsu, she answered jokingly, “because I want to beat someone up”. Well, that’s got to be it.

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She even accidentally flipped her husband in the kitchen and his foot hit the corner of the island. 

She was instantly up to teaching Jimmy Fallon a move when he asked her.

She did caution him though –

“Technically I only have one stripe. I’m not like safety-certified…just make sure to tap if you feel panicked…cause I don’t know my limits”.

She went into her fight stance and asked Jimmy Fallon to come at her. She told him that she’s going to do the ‘rear naked choke hold’ and he sportingly agreed to be the victim. 

The show host did not have to prepare and the supermodel already had him in her grip. He instantly started ‘tap dancing’ instead of giving a tap to make Kate Upton release him. He did so a few seconds late. 

Jimmy Fallon praised Kate Upton – “That’s a good hold. Hoe do you do that…I’m really passing out a little bit”. 

Well, Kate Upton surely showcased a prime example of girl power!

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