Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy on its way becoming top Netflix Show of 2020

Even with the corona pandemic, streaming giant Netflix churned out several praise-worthy shows this year. 

The premiere of Outerbanks; Tiger King, Ozark, and the entirety of Avatar: The Last Airbender. All of these shows dominated the streaming platform this year bulldozing their way past other shows to reach the top.

Even though these shows have a massive cult-like following, none of them could achieve what The Umbrella Academy just accomplished.

How does the rating system work?

Netflix introduced a Top 10 feature back in 2020. Each day Netflix updates the most popular movies that have streamed worldwide for the past 24 hours. Those rankings are compiled day by day and assigned points for each show/ movie’s position.

Hence, by following this method one can track not only the daily hits but also monthly or annual hits. 

Fortunately, The Umbrella Academy released right at the end of July, giving the show the entirety of August to command the Daily Top 10. The teen vigilante show did not disappoint as it raced to claim the number one spot for 15 days straight. 

It broke all records for a scripted show by claiming the top position, making it the longest streak by any Netflix release. The only other show to have a longer streak was the documentary-series, Tiger King which held the spot for almost a month but even that show was only able to rack up 243 points against The Umbrella Academy’s unbeatable 253 points and still has four more days to go.

Top 10 shows of 2020 so far: Monthly basis

  1. The Umbrella Academy – XXX points
  2. Love is Blind – 250 points
  3. Tiger King – 243 points
  4. Ozark – 227 points
  5. Dead to Me – 204 points
  6. Outer Banks – 201 points
  7. 13 Reasons Why – 223 points
  8. Space Force – 217 points
  9. Unsolved Mysteries – 196 points
  10. Avatar: The Last Airbender – 162 points

Here are the current ten most popular shows on Netflix this year:

  1. Tiger King – 387 points
  2. Ozark – 377 points
  3. Outer Banks – 356 points
  4. Avatar: The Last Airbender – 339 points
  5. Love is Blind – 299 points
  6. All American – 266 points
  7. The Umbrella Academy – XXX points
  8. Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich – 261 points
  9. Space Force – 248 points
  10. The Office – 247 points

The surprising thing about The Umbrella Academy is it rose to the top in record time, and if the past is any indication it should beat All American within no time. 

Do you think The Umbrella Academy might overtake Tiger King this year? Stay tuned for more.


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