Netflix’s The Social Dilemma – How social media is manipulating us

We spend hours on our phone every day- we like and share, or tweet anything everything that piques our interest. We were told that social media is the future and will bring humanity closer, and it has up to an extent — but is social media reliable? Like any other technology, is it safe to use? What are the consequences of our growing dependency on social media?

Netflix’s upcoming documentary called “The Social Media” is going to tell you why. The streaming service recently put out a trailer for the new title and premieres on September 9th worldwide.

About The Social Dilemma

With every passing day, the use of social media becomes more relevant. It’s applications in our world today are innumerable, from its role in empowering people standing up for a cause to serving as a tool to fight inequality. 

The importance of social media in our lives cannot be measured today, especially considering that it has become an invaluable lifeline as the entire planet battles a pandemic. It is only through social media that we can stay in touch with our loved ones, as well as voice our support on any issue around the world. 

However, considering how dependent we are on media platforms in our daily lives, it begs the question- How does social media affect me?

The Social Dilemma offers an answer to this question. It explores and explains the disproportionate control a relatively small number of engineers in silicon valley have over our collective lives. It draws the curtain on social media organizations and how they affect our thought, our actions, and ultimately our lives.

Is it worth the watch?

The film offers a unique combination of drama and documentary investigation. It is created by award-winning filmmakers Jeff Orlowski and Larissa Rhodes of Chasing ice and Chasing coral fame. 

The documentary features several compelling interviews with high-profile players of Silicon Valley like Tristan Harris, inventor of the Facebook ‘Like’ button, Tim Kendall, former Director of Monetization at Facebook, Justin Rosenstein, former president of Pinterest and many others.

They explain how social media affects consumers in our day to day lives and how seemingly innocent technologies can have devastating effects if we are not careful with our usage.


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