Dennis Schroder Net Worth

dennis schroder net worth
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It hasn’t even been a month since the Lakers won the NBA championship. With the NBA Trade window now open, things are about to get interesting.

Within an hour since the news broke, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunders made the first trade of the offseason. A trade that would send Dennis Schröder to the LA Lakers. The Lakers have opted for Schröder in an effort to lessen the burden on LeBron James’s shoulders as Schröder could function as a starting point guard.

Dennis Schroder has a Net Worth of about $40M

Majority of Schröder’s net worth is owed to his time the Atlanta Hawks and a year with the Oklahoma City Thunders.

As per various sources, Dennis’s net worth is somewhere around $40 Million. According to Schröder’s contract with the Oklahoma City thunders, the German basketball player had a contract for two years and was to be paid $15.5 Million as his annual salary. With a transfer at the door, Schröder still had a year left with the Oklahoma City Traders and his $15.5 Million for the year were still owed.

The transfer to Los Angeles Lakers from Oklahoma City Thunders might result in a change in Dennis Schröder’s net worth. But by how much? That only time will tell.

It is also reported that he endorses giant brands like Mercedes Benz, Nike, SNIPES, Das Kaugummi, etc.

dennis schroder net worth
Source: Instagram

Why the Los Angeles Lakers made the Trade for Dennis Schröder?

The defending champions were the first ones to jump at the NBA trade window. The Los Angeles Lakers made a bold statement by acquiring Schröder as he is one of the league’s top guards.

This sent out a message that the LA Lakers won’t settle by finding comfort in their Championship victory of the previous season.

Rob Pelinka, the LA Lakers General Manager, has agreed to send Danny Green to the Oklahoma City Thunders for a dynamic guard who was one of the best reserves in the last season, the 27-year-old Dennis Schröder.

This show that the LA Lakers are determined to improve on their previous season’s championship win. They hope to fulfill their desire to find a new play maker.

62% of the Laker’s assists in the previous season came from James, Rondo and Davis. And since Rondo is expected to cash in on his terrific postseason, the Lakers management want someone like the German player, Dennis Schröder to share James’ and David’s burden to some extent. Though, the trade has already been agreed upon by the concerning parties, it cannot be officially consummated until after the Lakers make their first-round pick Wednesday.


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