Blake Griffin Net Worth, Salary, Career Earning and Endorsements

Blake Griffin Net Worth
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Blake Griffin is an American Professional basketball player currently said to be the third-oldest player in the Detroit Pistons. Griffin hails from Oklahoma and developed a keen interest in basketball at a very young age. Griffin joined the University of Oklahoma on a scholarship for college, and had a fantastic career under Coach Jeff Capel, from college Griffin went on to make it to the All-Rookie team and from there, his Basketball career only moved forward.

Griffin has played for two NBA teams, namely, The Los Angeles Clippers and the Detroit Pistons.

Griffin began his career with the former team in the year 2009 and is currently playing for the latter team i.e. Detroit Pistons. Though initially, his NBA career started on the downside with him having to miss his rookie season due to a knee injury, Griffin made a brilliant comeback in the subsequent season and was also crowned as the winner of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Griffin continued his shining career until the year 2015. Owing to certain circumstances, injuries as well certain hot-headed incident which involved Griffin and the equipment staff, during the years 2015-2018 Griffin’s career was rocky.

However in the year 2018, he was traded to the Detroit Pistons, where his NBA career peaked for a while, things went awry again as his injuries kept recurring. Griffin also missed a majority of the previous season owing to the same injuries. 

Blake Griffin Net Worth is estimated at $110 Million

According to celebritynetworth, Griffin is estimated to have a jaw-dropping net worth of $110 Million. Since entering the NBA in his very first decade, Griffin has gained over $160 million in NBA salary itself.

Griffins’ per-season compensation reached $30 million for the first time in 2018 as he made $32.1 million by playing for the Pistons. In a single year, he’s earning $6-10 million from his endorsements. In tandem with his NBA salary, Griffin earns around $32 million in a single year. 

Griffin is known to be one of the most paid athletes by brands for endorsements, a few Brands that have been endorsed by Griffin include, Nike, AT&T as well as the well-loved, Subway

His Real Estate

In 2019, Griffin bought a $4.15 million house near Manhattan Beach, California. Griffin also bought a house in the neighborhood of Studio City for $2.1 million in 2019. In 2020, Blake Griffin had bought a property in Brentwood, Los Angeles for approximately $19.1 million. Located in an exclusive gated community just off Sunset Boulevard, this estate owns a plot of land of 0.65 acres. This means that Griffin owns at least four properties in the greater Los Angeles. It is estimated that he has $35 million worth of real estate properties.


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