My Hero Academia Season 5: Academics have been treated with the good news!

Superheroes and their stories have immensely increased in the last two decades. Some writers have taken their insecurities and fears and tried to fight them through their writing by making superheroes and My Hero academia is one of them. This anime-turned manga has been often said to have a lot of western influences and way of writing but some of the more conservative fans and critiques have refused to accept this comparison.

Season 4 of the show ended in April 2020 and ever since then the fans have been very curious to know more about when the new season will be released. The show has been renewed for a fifth season, but no official date has been provided.

The production has come to a standstill due to the outbreak of the pandemic, COVID- 19, and the academic are losing a lot of money due to this, we do not know when production will probably soon be back on track, but when it does, we will have more information in My Hero Academia returning.

Season 1-3 were thoroughly smooth with their release in Japan, airing each new episode in April 2016, 2017, and 2018 respectively. Season 4, however, didn’t come out until October 2019, and the English dub had to delay the production of its last five episodes due to the coronavirus, which had costed the production more because of the delay.

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The cast of the show

According to the sources, all the original characters of the show will be coming back for the new season- Kenya Lida, Chaco Muranaka, Justin briner, Luci Christian, Akatsuki Bakugo, Michael Tatum, Izuku Midoriya, Clifford Chapin.

My Hero Academia is a story revolving around Deku so it is understandable why all the focus was on him during the finale and why he showed the most growth amongst all others.

Villains such as Overhaul (the villain name of Kai Chisaki) and Gentle Criminal (the alias of antagonist-internet-celeb Danjuro Tobita) have been eradicated from the show. However, there is never enough silence in an anime when it comes to superheroes. Hence, we believe it is not long before a new super villain is launched into the show.


The anime has been adapted by a manga based on a series where the characters- Deku, Aka, Izuku, has a long way to develop real power and to master them. This new season will probably be focusing on an adventurous form of training for his friends along with Deku to hone their abilities.

The finale of the last season was focused on the main character fighting and proving his worth, while his friends and fellow trainers were along the side-lines, helplessly waiting for him to claim on the victory.


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