Most Spontaneous Looking Racing Car: Porsche’s 99X Race Car Coming Up With Special Features

Porche 99x
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Another newcomer from Porsche

As we know, Porsche’s Formula E challenger has been in improvement for quite a remarkable time presently. Moreover, we even saw this undergoing testing in earlier times.

Recently, the all-electric yacht is irrevocably finished and the German automaker has formally announced its first-ever Formula E car.

It is formally being called the 99X Electric. This is unquestionably one of the hottest looking cars to eternally joining the Formula E framework. Unlike the construction photos where the 99X was concluded in black/revealed carbon fiber, we can see the car’s aggressive aero more clearly now. 

The most distinguished design idea so far is the rear edge which highlights a very dynamic rear diffuser. It also comes with a different split-wing layout. 

The vehicle’s power mode is shown by an LED which is integrated into the corona. Developing the racecar makeover color might be Porsche’s trademark motorsport shade of white, black and red.

Tender ideas are coming up

When it comes to power, the 99X’s electronic drivetrain was acquired from the recitations and penetrations Porsche received from their LMP1 project, especially the 919 Hybrid. 

This is a racing car that will be racing at a regulated series. So, its supreme power is capped at 340 horsepower concurrently with a 52 kWh battery. The German marque has produced the powertrain to be very profitable with this design.

Today is an important day. With the premiere of the Porsche 99X Electric, we are taking a big step towards the Porsche works entry in Formula E. I am proud of our team, which has shown a high level of commitment to the Formula E project. Now I am looking forward to seeing the Porsche 99X Electric on the racetrack” said Fritz Enzinger. He is the Vice President of Porsche Motorsport and Group Motorsport Volkswagen AG.

Porsche proposes to use the experience augmented from Formula E to advance and perfect coming EV technology which will compel its way into generation cars. 

In the meantime, the 99X Electric will attend as an advancement stand for future fully-electric generation prototypes.

Porsche was very successful in the World Endurance Championship (WEC). Considering that, the catechism now is whether the automaker will encounter the same achievement in Formula E. 

It is expected that the car will make its formal race appearance in November this year.

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