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American entertainer, Steve Harvey, hosted this year’s Miss Universe 2019 contest as he has been doing since 2015. On Sunday, while announcing the winner for the National Costume competition, Harvey made an apparent blunder by announcing Miss Philippines Gazini Ganados as the winner while standing beside him was Miss Malaysia. Rectifying Harvey’s mistake, Miss Malaysia Shweta Saloon kindly asked for the microphone from Harvey and said that it’s not the Philippines, it’s Malaysia. Miss Malaysia explained the meaning behind her costume afterwards.

Caught out of the blue, Harvey tried to explain the misunderstanding by saying that he just read that in a teleprompter. Calling put to the production, he jokingly said, ‘Y’all gotta quit doing this to me’. He also said that this what they did to him in 2015, played him short like this.

In 2015, Harvey made a huge blunder by announcing Miss Columbia Ariadna Gutierrez as Miss Universe 2015 when actually it was Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach who had won the competition. After Miss Columbia was crowned and was waving and embracing her moment, Harvey took the long walk to the stage and after awkwardly standing there for a minute said that he had to apologize. He said, ‘the first runner up is Columbia… Miss Universe 2015 is Philippines’. Both, Miss Columbia and Miss Philippines were stunned and shocked. It was like dropping a bombshell on them. In a humiliating moment for everyone but mostly for Miss Columbia, the former Miss Universe took the crown off Miss Columbia and crowned Miss Philippines with the same. Harvey then apologized again and accepted that it was completely his mistake and he is to be blamed for this.

To this day, Harvey is criticised and taunted for his mistake. Although, he continues to host the event. Over the years, there have been many jokes related to this incident. Many also speculated that this was a publicity stunt but the organisation refuted this claim.

In 2015, Harvey was entirely at fault but this time it seems that it’s not really his fault. In a statement, Miss Universe Organization confirmed that Miss Philippines Gazini Ganados is the winner of the National Costume competition. After Harvey announced the winner, a photo of Miss Philippines was also shown in the broadcast. 

Many viewers are of the opinion that this was all a publicity stunt, and was crafted by the organisation. 

But as they say, all’s well that end’s well, and this year it ended splendidly well for Zozibini Tunzi who was crowned as Miss Universe 2019!


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