Mindhunter Season 3: Release Date and who is in the Cast?

Earlier this year, fans of the Netflix original series Mindhunter were dismayed to learn that the platform had essentially given its cast the green light to pursue other TV and film projects, effectively placing the third season of the show on hold.

Now, a key member of the Mindhunter production team is speaking out about what may be next for the fan favourite series.

Erik Messerschmidt, who worked on the second season as its cinematographer, shared that he has no idea what’s next for the show, but just like Mindhunter stands, he’s keeping his fingers crossed for the third season.

“I’ve heard things are on hold for a little bit. We’ll see. Who knows?” Messerschmidt told Collider in a new interview. “But it would be an honor to go back.”

Mindhunter is a thriller crime play. The show is based on a true crime novel Mindhunter: Inside The FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit written by Mark Olshaker and John E. Douglas. Joe Penhall crafts the show.

Mindhunter Season 3 Cast

Some of the maid cast are released from the contract as the resuming of the series was taking up so much time. But we are expecting them to return whenever the series is resumed. So let’s take a look at the expected cast.

It’s tough to imagine the show working without the dynamic between its major players: Jonathan Groff plays Holden Ford, Holt McCallany plays Bill Tench, Anna Torv plays Wendy Carr and Joe Tuttle plays Greg Smith.

Since the three leads have been released from their contracts, though, there is a possibility that one or two or all three of them won’t come back.

Were the show to return, it’s also possible that we’ll see characters from Season 2 carried over to the third season as well. That would include Stacey Roca as Bill’s wife Nancy, Joe Tuttle as Special Agent Greg Smith, Michael Cerveris as Ted Gunn, and Sonny Valicenti as Dennis Rader (the “BTK killer”).

Other possibilities include Albert Jones as Special Agent Jim Barney and Cameron Britton as Ed Kemper, Netflix hasn’t made any official casting announcements.

Will there be a Season 3 of Mindhunter?

While Season 2 aired to much acclaim in summer 2019, in early 2020 TVLine reported that the series is “on indefinite hold at Netflix”, so whether it’s coming back or not is totally up in the air.

This doesn’t mean that the show is cancelled, but because executive producer David Fincher has his hands tied with a handful of other projects, Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallanay, and Anna Torv “have been released from their contracts.” A representative for Netflix told TVLine, “[Fincher] may revisit Mindhunter again in the future, but in the meantime felt it wasn’t fair to the actors to hold them from seeking other work while he was exploring new worm of his own.”

On the upside, though, Holt McCallany told The Hollywood Reporter that Fincher always intended the series to follow a five-season arc, so it makes sense that Mindhunter could come back…sometime. It just doesn’t look like that’ll be anytime soon.


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