Meet our dedicated

Editorial Team

Varsha Karmath


Varsha is responsible for publishing news on Bugle24. She entered into the world of tech right after she completed her post-graduate. She has been associated with some of the known tech blogs like SmartTabloid, AdMarvels, The First Post, and more. Having worked with plenty of newspapers, she finally chose to commit her time to Bugle24. With over four years of experience, Varsha boasts expertise in Electric Vehicles, apps, wearables, and smart energy.

Shubhada Mahure


Ever since the advent of Mac has taken place, Shubhada has been extremely fascinated by the functioning of Mac and everything about it. She has also written blogs which help Mac consumers understand the functioning of the gadgets. Here, at Bugle24, she exclusively handles the iPhone segment. During her free time, she loves upgrading her knowledge about Mac, loves trekking & trying out new food joints.

Aparna Singh

Content Writer

Aparna handles gadget-based writing and trending stories at Bugle24. Coming from a background in journalism, she is inquisitive about oil and gas industry. She has written numerous blogs for various sites, e-magazines, etc. During her time off from her work, she loves reading fiction novels and traveling.

Roopam Paradkar


Ever since Roopam got his fingers on keyboard he has been designing websites, developing creative website and solving real life problem is driving him each day. Passionate for coding, he enjoys designing complex systems that are easy to use and attractive at the same time. He is the one who makes sure the code is clean, the development is on the right track, the team efficiency is high.

Mahjabeen Tamanna

Senior News Editor

Mahajabeen Tamanna spends her time writing about latest news on tech and games.. Pursuing IT Engineering, she has keen interest in the world of gaming and has been following the industry for many years now. She is an avid reader and likes spending her spare time by traveling, spending time with friends and doing her bit for the nature.

Jahanvi Sengar

Content Writer

Janhavi is an aspiring writer at Bugle24. She enjoys experimenting with various subjects such as gadgets, video games, electric cars, PS4 and all things related to Technology. She comes with a vast experience in technology journalism and has contributed numerous articles with international publications, magazines, blogs, etc. She is a huge Marvel fan.

Abdul Sheikh

Senior Editor

Abdul handles the electric cars department at Bugle 24 and everything around it. He has been extremely passionate about its functioning since its arrival. He loves exploring various aspects of google. Having an experience in digital marketing for over 4 years, he is a pro at cracking all the problems revolving around google. In his free time, he loves gaming online with his son.