Manifest Season 3: Release Date, Plot, and More!

Manifest has joined the NBC shows that are officially coming back next year. On June 15, the supernatural drama about a group of plane crash survivors was officially renewed by the Peacock network, 10 weeks after its most recent finale aired.

Manifest is a drama series based on supernatural incidents. The director of the series is Jeff Rake. The country of origin is the United States of America. The original language of the shoe is English, and the series consists of a list of 29 episodes so far.

Recap: What has happened so far?

The Manifest is a unique show that covers some of the most mysterious things in the world, and the show revolves around the lives of passengers, whose flight makes a strange return after missing for five years.

The first season of the manifesto showed us that passengers were dealing with the mystery of missed flights. At the same time, they also had to undergo many changes in their personal life, and the first season focused on exploring the meaning of ‘calling travelers’.

As the second season dealt with these calls and the people they received and how they settled on the date of death, travelers become more aware of their surroundings and understand life in depth.

When is Manifest season 3 releasing?

On June 15, Manifest was renewed for a third season by NBC following the conclusion of series two earlier this year.

However, an exact release date for the new season has not yet been announced by the network.

The second season premiered on January 6, 2020, meaning that even though the manifest was renewed for the third season, we wouldn’t see it before the end of 2021 or early 2022.

The cast of Manifest Season 3

Melissa Roxburgh played the leading role of Michaela Stone, Josh Dallas starred as Ben Stone, Athena Karkanis acted as Grace Stone, J.R.Ramirez appeared as Jared Vasquez, Luna Balise played Olive Stone, Jack Messina appeared as Cal Stone, Parveen Kaur played the role Saanvi Bahl and Matt Long acted as Zeke Landon in the last three seasons.

The team is planning to replace the same cast in the upcoming season too.There may be very few cast members newly engaged according to the alternation of the story.

The cast is not declared by the crew of Manifest. There are no Official announcements regarding this.

Manifest Season 3 Possible Plot

In the second season, the passengers saw themselves die one after the other and realized that death was inevitable. 

However,at the end of the second season, some travelers saw the light at the end of the tunnel, which means that there is a way that they can be saved, the story would emerge from where it was left in the second season.

It is also revealed that the big peeve of flight 828 is lying beneath the ocean. One of the series stars Josh Dallas, who portrays Ben Stone, already gave a hint about what is waiting for the fans.

In his recent interview , he said.

“It’s going to draw up a clear view about these callings and how we will use them, and I assume it’s also going to ask more questions, which is what we want! If we had all the revelations and had pleasant days every day, why would we watch?”

According to Jeff Rake, the meth-head trio will play a major role in Manifest Season 3. How these three individuals will return and how they deal with everything will be more important than anything that has happened since the debut episodes.


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