Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector – Machine Learning Consulting

IoT, Big data, Data Analytics, Enterprise Mobility etc. were just terms which people discussed. But in just the span of half a decade, digital transformation using the said technologies has transcended the way people work. Technology sustainability is an aspect which people aim for and thus prefer their data being on cloud rather than on-premises. Machine Learning Consulting and solution implementation has brought about a technology and culture shift. This shift in thought and action was well-received by industry analysts, thought leaders, scientists, programmers and architects together.

Why business need machine learning consulting

This digital transformation was explored and experienced by various asset-intensive and heavy-workforce. It contributed towards optimizing resource planning, enhancing the allocation and use of budgets, generating more revenue, and making business operations efficient. For Energy and Utility companies, IoT and data analytics solutions connected assets together and connect them with cloud. This made analysing the asset health data easier. Based on this, machines became smarter and so did the processes of decision-making. The uptime and downtime of assets, interconnectivity, maintenance cycles etc. can be simplified. Knowing why an asset behaves the way it does gains priority over its maintenance. Knowing the cause of its failure, repairing it and storing this maintenance data helps automate further maintenance cycles. This reduces the time, cost and effort put into the maintenance and repair of equipment. With increased uptime, the assets perform better and contribute toward a higher ROI.

The enhanced use of drones flying over assets such as wind turbines and smart meter lines helps know the condition of the field. Whether assets need to be replaced, repaired, or catered to can be decided by the drone images or footage. Any cracks, spalls, discoloration, rust formation etc. can be detected. This empowers the operations staff to plan shutdowns and not maintain an expensive inventory of spare parts. With costs and efforts saved in multiple ways, digital transformation aids ways to cut costs and make more profit. Thus, an efficient energy generation, transmission and distribution process is set up. For electricity, water, gas, coal companies, digital transformation has empowered the cycle of change fuelling the journey towards technology sustainability.