Luke Combs explains “Six Feet Apart”- A personal song about everything he misses due to COVID-19!

Luke Combs’ “Six Feet Apart” is his latest hit, and it’s already racked up more than 3 million YouTube views to date. The single is produced by Chip Matthews and Luke Combs himself.On Genius’s episode of Verified, Luke Combs joins from home and talks about how he made the song while socially distancing.

Luke describes 2020 in his song “Six Feet Apart”. Combs wrote the lyrics with Rob Synder and Brent Cobb in just a couple of days. They spent all day trying to remember the words and chords.

Other songs written about having to shelter in place during the coronavirus pandemic have been comedic, but Combs takes a serious but not sombre approach to the times we’re living through together.

He sings about what he misses “I miss my mom, I miss my dad, miss the road, I miss my band, giving hugs and shaking hands,” Combs sings.

Luke told Billboard that he wasn’t sure about releasing the song. “I don’t want people to think I’m taking advantage of a bad situation to make money”

Combs tells in the Verified video, he was not sure of this song, he thought it was too cheesy.

Source: Instagram

He describes his experience at the studio, “And Everybody was wearing masks and stuff, so it was really weird and different…”, because usually when they go in the studio it’s a real kind of like a group atmosphere.

Combs has been releasing new music regularly during his Facebook, Twitter and other live-stream concerts. He shared “Used to Wish I Was” on Instagram TV. That acoustic song is about growing up with wild dreams and ultimately being satisfied with who you’ve become.

Combs’ tour bus is parked for now, as he’s postponed all upcoming 2020 tour dates. “Does to Me” is his current radio single, the third from his What You See Is What You Get album (2019). Eric Church joins Combs for the anthemic, up-tempo country-rocker.

He feels really blessed financially and also tells his viewers that he is a big believer in giving back. Even if it’s tipping somebody $100 on a $20 check, it just always feels like the right thing to do, and he thinks after this is all over, that will be something that people should probably do a little bit more of. Many of the first batches of Luke Combs songs deal with heart-hurt, yet he finds creative ways to introduce his pain every time. Smart songwriting on “Houston, We Got a Problem” made this song a fan favourite at concerts, which led to its inclusion on his deluxe album.


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