Lucifer Season 6: Did We Just Get An Unofficial Confirmation?

The bad days of the show are long gone, surprises after surprises, first the show gets adopted by Netflix and then a speculated green light for a season renewal. Fans and the Show cast and crew can be nothing but thankful to the streaming service.

“Getting to work another season of Lucifer with @officialtomellis was a dream come true! It’s a bummer the world has gone crazy and we couldn’t end it the way it should’ve been ended, but there is always next season! 😉, tweeted the assistant director Katrine Gould, possibly hinting at the renewal of the show for the next season. 

Netflix took up the show when it was dropped by the parent company, but never gave an official statement for a new season renewal. The Pandemic has affected the shooting of the show but the news of a new season has given fans utmost happiness during the sad times.

The official twitter handle of the Lucifer Writers Room revealed that the last episode of the Season 5 would be directed by a guest director- Modrovich. It is becoming impossible for the fans to wait any longer and the crew members have been dropping Easter eggs very often. All I can say is I cant wait to watch the new episode!

When the news of the discontinuation of the show hit the fans, they were devastated and for months twitter hashtags floated for the renewal of the show, seeing the hype and the strong fan following of the show, Netflix saw the potential and decided to adopt the show, giving fans hope for new amazing content. However, in the announcement they had specifically mentioned that the show will only be continued for one more season. Although fans were happy for the renewal but the short term life of the show on the streaming platform did hurt them. 

The fact that the show has been given 16 episodes rather than the previous norm of 10 episodes under the FOX entertainment has also made the fans very excited. The random spurts of shock and surprise that Netflix has been showering the fans with is being appreciated and the hype has only been increasing after Netflix released a promotional photo teasing the first look of the season back in October of 2019


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