Lucifer Season 5 star Lauren German said “bye felicia” on Twitter and shocked her fans

Lauren German shocked her followers by deactivating her Twitter account on Tuesday, June 23. The Lucifer co-star was bombarded by a number of nasty comments in her recent post shortly after the release date for season five announced for Netflix.

One of Lucifer’s biggest stars deactivated her Twitter account after facing backlash for a recent post.

Lauren German tweeted a soundtrack clip from the film Call Me By Your Name accompanied with the tagline “I watch this movie and I dream.”

The independent film received critical acclaim upon its release, the film has since garnered criticism for the age difference between romantic leads Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer.

However, a number of Twitter users took the backlash too far and responded to Lauren’s latest post with angry and abusive messages calling for the star to delete her post.

Lauren was forced to leave Twitter after a series of bad comments. So she tweeted a soundtrack from Call Me By Your Name and got backlash for doing so. Minutes later she went ‘bye felicia’ and disappeared. 

Although her tweets are no longer available, Lauren was reported to have responded to the backlash and admitted to not knowing about the film’s criticism.

Following the nasty altercation, more fans took to Reddit to show their support for the long-running member of Lucifer’s main cast. 

Most ‘Lucifans’ perceived the comments as bullying and agreed on the harsh response to her new tweet went too far

One fan said. “She literally just said something like “I love this song and movie” and people immediately said “ DELETE THIS!! DO NOT PROMOTE THIS. IT GLORIFIES PEDOPHILIA” etc etc and Lauren asked if Timothee Chalamet’s character was underage as she didn’t realize if he was or wasn’t.”

Twitter users were even more disappointed by the latest instance of social media bullying after the latest streak of good news for the popular show Lucifer. 

Although Netflix had originally planned to conclude the fan-favorite, Tom Ellis starring show ‘Lucifer’ it has come to our knowledge that the streaming service has taken a full u-turn and now plans on making the sixth season for the show.

The surprise renewal may have not come as such a shocker since this is not the first time that the show has been saved from perdition after being scrapped. The new season was announced via a tweet.

The fifth season will be released in two parts, the first of which is scheduled to air from 21st August this year. In the short video posted on Twitter, by the show’s official account, regarding the sixth season, we can see the number “666” in large size with some special effects.

The official Twitter account said, “The devil made us do it #Lucifer will return for a sixth and final season. Like, FINAL final”.

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