LG’s smart home app adds voice control through Google Assistant

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  • LG smartphone app adds voice control.
  • This app will be available in South Korean.
  • In the fourth quarter of 2019, the app will be launched.

Google Assistant-powered voice control to its ThinQ app (previously SmartThinQ) to steer all its connected appliances, whether it is an oven, fridge or washing machine.

Many smart appliance makers’ apps still require that you tap buttons to control your home, but not LG’s.

The amazing part is you can already use Assistant outside of the app, but this gives you more flexibility – you have both voice and manual control in a central place. You can also check the exact time left on the washer while telling the AC to set a new temperature. 

The report

According to the reports, the new app will first be available in South Korea in August, with North Americans getting a taste in the fourth quarter of 2019. Europeans will have to wait until 2020. 

So, this makes the most sense if you are all-in on LG appliances (no doubt LG’s ultimate goal), however, but it could still be appreciated if you’re tired of juggling apps to control even one device.

Although, not too long ago, LG gathered all its smart products, both smartphones, and SmarthinQ connected appliances, under a single “ThinQ” brand. It then added some association with Artificial Intelligence and connected with the likes of Amazon Alexa and, of course, Google Assistant. It then gathered all of those into a single ThinQ app that is now gaining the ability to listen to your voice to conveniently control those devices and appliances without even lifting the finger.

The thinQ mobile app, formerly the SmartThinQ mobile app, already grouped compatible products in a single app, making it a one-stop-shop to control those appliances. But most smart appliances these days advertise voice control but you had to give that up if used the ThinQ app.

LG says, not anymore. Leveraging Google Assistant, which pretty much limits to English at launch, the ThinQ App can now do voice commands. Not just to control the connected devices but also to query their status. Need to know how long you need to wait for the wash to be done from your living family room coach? Just say the magic words magic and get going.

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