Lewis Capaldi’s ‘Birthday Song’ in YouTube Originals Series next

Source: Instagram

YouTube originals have declared on 11th March that Lewis Capaldi will be a part of new original series called “Birthday Song”.  This 23-year-old singer Scottish singer-songwriter will feature in the franchisee who will cover The Chemical Brothers and Noel Gallagher hit “Setting Sun”.

The design is produced by a British production outfit Electric Robin and was authorized by Luke Hyams. Hyams is YouTube’s head of originals in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Hyams mentioned that he has a good gut feeling about the idea and he hopes that it will spark a conversation on YouTube and afar.

 “YouTube was a huge part of where it all started for me, was absolutely class to get to be asked to record a version of ’Setting Sun’ by The Chemical Brothers for my Birthday Song,” Capaldi was quoted in a statement. “I hope everyone doesn’t absolutely hate my version and if you do please don’t tell me in the comments, my mum reads them.”

A close source said, “Lewis has really proven himself as a songwriter and is being encouraged to give away more songs he is unlikely to release himself, as well as writing specifically for other artists.” It can be hugely lucrative, so launching himself as a songwriter for other acts is sure to earn him a fortune. “Right now he is on the road a lot and starting to think about his second album. But being able to write for other people helps Lewis to take his mind off his own music.”

Lewis has plenty of awards attached to his name like Best Breakthrough Artist Award in 2017, Grammy Award for Someone You Loved in 2019, Brits Awards, Global Awards and many more.

Birthday Song is expected to be launched on 24th March on Lewis YouTube.


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