Lainey Wilson in Yellowstone Season 5 and Her Character Named Abby

Who was Lainey Wilson on Yellowstone?

Lainey Wison plays the character of Abby. Lainey Wilson and her Yellowstone character have a lot of similarities. They’re both country singers first and foremost.

Lainey Wilson’s character Abby, a local musician, is shown for the first time in the most recent season. John Dutton’s party to celebrate becoming governor of Montana is held at the Yellowstone ranch. Shane Smith and the Saints play live music, Beth dresses in a sexy way, and many funny cowboy stories are told.

What song did Lainey Wilson sing in Yellowstone?

Lainey Wilson sang her debut song “Smell Like Smoke” in Yellowstone season 5.

In the season four finale of Yellowstone on the Paramount Network, Lainey Wilson gave an intimate acoustic performance of three songs. Wilson and her band began their performance during the show’s commercial breaks from a rustic setting, with 2018’s “Workin’ Overtime,” which can be heard on the show’s soundtrack.

Wilson then sang “Rolling Stone,” also from her debut album Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’.

Her hit track “Things A Man Oughta Know” was performed as the finale.

In her role as Abby on Taylor Sheridan’s smash TV show this season, country singer Lainey Wilson debuted in the acting world. Wilson performed a new “Smell Like Smoke” song at a lively pub scene.

She also recalls performing her song “Watermelon Moonshine,” for a scene in Yellowstone

Which Character is played by Lainey Wilson

Lainey Wilson plays the character of Abby.

At the beginning of Season 5, Abby finally arrives in Yellowstone. At John’s swearing-in, she has a conversation with Beth, during which she declares unequivocally that she will never go out with a cowboy.

Abby responds to Beth’s harsh comment about her dress by saying, “I sing later.” You need to stand-out onstage by donning something bright and exciting. They’ve had a good response from the crowd.

I am able to act naturally. According to an interview Wilson gave to Country Now, “I pretty much get to be myself.” I get to wear my bell bottoms, I get to be me, I get to talk with an accent, I get to sing my songs,” while playing the role of Abby on Yellowstone.

Who is the famous country singer in Yellowstone?

Lainey Wilson and Ryan Bingham are the two famous country singers in Yellowstone.

Is Lainey Wilson joining Yellowstone?

Yes, Lainey Wilson has joined Yellowstone Season 5. She will be seen playing the character of Abby.


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